Only you decide the future.

Nov 12, 2020

It is incredible how 6 billion people can so easily be duped into complicity and lies. Ordinary respectable people poisoned into thinking that those who tell the truth are enemies. The populace en masse manipulated into believing, and repeating, ridiculous media fantasies. You are being brainwashed. Day by day you are being fed calculated falsity so you turn on each other and give your power away. Every single person on this planet is being persuaded to have their DNA changed. Think about it. Why would this be? Suddenly a couple of people die and we all have to change the banking system? This situation is about technology, money and a hidden presence on this planet which wants to make you obey. This has nothing to do with not being well - you are being trained to condemn anyone who questions or says "you can choose." You are a sovereign being of incredible intelligence capable of fantastic feats of love, beauty and ingenuity. Which future do you want? One where you can be who you are, support each other and walk in nature revelling in the healthy technologies which promote well being and more nurture for all beings on the planet? Or house arrest and fear of talking to anyone, because of what might happen? If you agree with number one, there's a whole mass of people who are already with you. They are on a different timeline which is all about "togetherness." You don't have to be a zombie enforcing coercion and control. You can take your own power, upgrade your own body to hold that, and make this world the way you know it should be.

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