Now it is all about physicalisation.

Mar 18, 2021

The positive future is about the new currency of care - blood and water coursing with the frequencies of purity - actually taking form in specific geographical locations on Earth. Some think they can buy it, rather than being it. Others know they 'are' it - and they don't need to buy it. Care is ruthless, uncompromising and fearless. It is not New Age, loving or spiritual. It is fierce in its passion to establish only what is true. And, anywhere this frequency meets land, historically there is armed conflict at a very particular longitude and latitude. For some that’s about "planetary resources" - while for the rest of us it’s pointless greed and bloodshed over every precious animal, tree, and rock. Meanwhile Nature is poised to re-establish itself this decade. It will pick up and harness the very force powering negative high frequency beings, speeding their complete end. In that war, there are no sides, and Nature's word is final. Fire, earth, wind and water think nothing of taking human life. But that force is not cruel and it is certainly not vengeful. It is simply exact. What is that force and how, as a being of love, do we intersect with it? Why does Canada particularly hold these patterns and have such a role to play in our planetary survival? Why is water so political right now - and how does that fit into the history of this planet? And what about eco-communities and environmental products? Are these a cynical add-on, produced by the old system, only further destroying Nature with each and every twist and turn … Or can there be true living; and no harm; in concert with the elements - with Earth and Nature’s place restored?

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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