My look, word and touch are highly purifying.

May 2, 2020

They bring you back to just yourself. You have everything you need. You are self-sustaining. I wonder if you understand me. When you answer to just what is inside you, that clear quiet truth that is in your body all of the time, you are at one with the source of your own being. A purification switches on the part of you which removes what is in the way. What is left, in the end, is just who you are. It is this you must always answer to, nothing else. It is you who has the power to purify, no one else. By the power of my own vibration and embodiment, I just put you in touch with that space within you. First you begin to shed your patterns and personal issues. Then the old system drops, which gave you those patterns and issues in the first place. This is the point we are at in our current history. Then who you are begins to emerge. Slowly you embody that - which for most people is the hardest part. You have to do that for yourself. No one else can do that for you. You have to become active and shake off what does harm and whatever isn’t your truth. You have to change your habits, stop telling your stories, give up trying to be famous, special, noticed. Spirituality has made you passive and politics gives you a model for economic success to follow. Science preaches hypotheses about how the universe works but fails to prevent the destruction of nature. But the instructions are in you - and you have your own unique inner impulses, which no one else can tell you about. They require no understanding or learning - they are just there - and either you honour them or you don’t. When you use them, listen to them, and act on them, you take control. Then you embody pure love. It is at this stage you begin to purify others, simply by being you. This is so ordinary, so humble, but it makes the world turn. Your body transforms into pure love itself - and the whole planet changes with you.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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