It's time.

May 15, 2020

Whether you have a balcony or a back garden, it is time to grow your vegetables and fruits. Growbags and trays of sprouts if your home is small. Beds and fruit trees if you have a garden. Source and share seeds. Re-seed from the plants that you have already. If you have land, in the future it will be your responsibility to support others. Your vibration is so powerful, you have demolished the powerbase of the Vatican and our shadow structures pulling the strings. Many people have not realised yet, but already our governments have lost their commanders, and soon they will be in-fighting. While on the one hand the economic crash has been engineered by all that has been wrapped up with an invisible microbe, on the other, you have pulled the carpet right out from beneath the feet of who and what was holding that system up. And like all things that come crashing down, it is bound to be a bit crazy for a while.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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