It's been rather hot recently.

Jul 20, 2022

And still people don't get it. But why should they. There are so many other more interesting things to get your teeth into. Like insects for dinner. And no more meat. It's so easy to convince humans to sponsor their own extinction, it seems. And that's even before we get to tanks on the streets to protect the banks. (They must really need that). Believe me, on the outside, it's going to get more and more extreme. Will you survive? Of course you will. Will it be painful? Oh definitely. That's only just begun. Will what's behind this, self destruct? Yes, it's happening right now in front of your eyes. Every single aspect of society, your psyche, and any system on Planet Earth not in total alignment is in the last phase of being ruthlessly removed. This is the tipping point. Only love will remain.

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