It will all come out.

Jun 7, 2021

All of it. And this is just the beginning. But those behind it don't even mind. They are convinced they will get away with it. They have planned this for a very long time. Meanwhile the frequency rises higher and higher. Those who fell for the lie will overcome their suppression & control tendencies and wake up. Those who peddled the lie will self destruct. And those who knew all along, and never needed any information, will just keep on doing what they do and being who they are - whatever they face. Now it’s just a question of how ugly it will get and how many lives will needlessly be lost. The positive future is moving more quickly: it is a time where the truth is laid bare. No room for those who say one thing and do another. No time left for those who can’t think for themselves or see the writing on the wall. Little chance for those who say they are here to help but keep on raising their prices. And the road has run out for people who cannot stand together and turn on those who do the right thing - just to save or promote themselves. Nature is deleting a certain bandwidth from this reality and there is no getting away from it. No enemy is behind this and there's no one out there trying to get you. Yes, there are people who care nothing for you, who murder, believe in depopulation, and who are totally corrupt. But not even they have a say over the accelerating vibration … what stays, who stays and what goes ...

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