Funny how one of them dies ...

Sep 13, 2022

... and then another ... to be replaced just in time by a (barely) younger version espousing military style operations to radically transform the global economy. The war on carbon - which means the war on you -  spearheaded by such a caring sharing family … my, we are so lucky. What’s wrong with carbon anyway? It’s not so good for thoroughly trapping you in the new digital slave grid. You might start answering to Nature’s World Order. And nobody wants that: you pulling away from family patterns; not killing innocent people just because they were born in a certain country; and no longer depending on the electric used to programme your bio-obedience. The new Earth grid is rapidly taking you into the orbit of love and reciprocity; nature’s economy; and high frequency digital and local communities based on self sufficiency and your superior intelligence. Not an idiot in the genetic house  … now there’s a revelation … with single bloodline autocracies washed away in the rivers of history.

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