For a long time now ...

Oct 27, 2020

… I have been telling you that I am from the future. Perhaps you are beginning to understand what that means. There are so many beings here on Earth who are part of the human gene pool. And there are also a very few beings, who have come here from another time to tell you about a different future timeline to the one that has been evolving. I come from another time. I am there and I am here. I am telling you that the future is positive and that this world will change. I am also holding the physical setting for your full multidimensional identity which, is pure love; which you have been locked out of; which you can embody; and where you can access your full range of self healing abilities. I look like you. I am you. But quite clearly, I also am not you at all. You might think I am a visitor or an alien or something like that. I am not. The full reality is far more wild and far more exciting than that. I am a new human; a message; and a marker sent back to meet you directly through time. Our intersection is a specific trajectory: those who can meet me ... will decide the future. 

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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