Everything is in hand.

Jan 29, 2021

You are now in the new world, laying the foundation for what is to come. There will be a new economy where money only functions in some areas, around some activities. Meanwhile your bonds of affection will be prime, you will choose how you spend your time, less attached to money, and you will only engage where you feel a strengthening and integrity of purpose. If your actions do not align with Nature's principles, something will quickly show you and what you are doing will come to an end. This is not the re-set referred to by the old world order. It is who you are and always were, taking centre stage in the world. You took over this planet late last year and now everything is being forced to fall in behind you. Governments will go. Leaders will go. 90% of our system will leave. It's up to you to get organised and get out there, pushing aside the lunacy so you give it nowhere to hold on. Those who cannot see and who refuse to hear will either wake up or perish. Those who are not aligned with the new high frequencies, however good they look or right they sound, will disappear. Only one thing will survive. Those completely aligned with pure love.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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