Do you realise what you are capable of?

Jun 6, 2020

What you have inside you? Why they are so scared of you? Simply put, if you discover what power you have, none of what is currently happening would be possible. You are able to do anything. You have the opportunity to drop everything. When you understand that this is about your personal sovereignty over your own source connection - not any one debate, happening or political figure on the outside - the rage, fear and confusion dies away. There is just you: and what you know. You - and your body. From this place, you begin to plug back directly into what determines this existence ... regardless of what is going on. You protect others and say no, when the time comes. You have no doubt about your existence, your safety or your future. People are beginning to understand that everything they’re telling you is one great big distraction. Even the truth becomes a second guess to what is actually live within you, this moment. That’s the place we begin and end with in the purification space. It’s where all the power and the real change is. And that power is YOU.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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