Do you know how to rewrite the future?

Jun 21, 2020

The future is never fixed and always under your control. Every human being has the capacity to change what comes. If humanity proceeds blindly according to its patterns and nothing else, the outcome is easy to predict: on the one hand there will be massive disaster and on the other there will be a very few who recognise what’s happening and manage through wit and observation to keep out of the way. But that is the world of patterns. Meanwhile the fully fledged human being has the ability to function in a specific multi wavelength range where, once fully operative, they emit a presence which continually deletes patterns and purifies situations and people - just by being alive. The human being is a generator of inordinate qualities of a type of matter called pure love, which breaks down and transmutes everything unlike itself that it meets in its path. This is the vibration of existence we are now living in ... for those who can see through the current world situation, totally grasp it and detach cleanly from it, switching into their whole identity. That detachment will not be a denial of the world, or even an acceptance of it, but a full blooded, radical, deeply practical engagement where everyone who comes close cannot fail to find their own truth because that person has no agenda. Reality reconfigures automatically to something incredibly positive when you complete your own jigsaw through self recognition. You become deeply truthful and wholly embody your entire personal signature. Here you embrace exactly what is happening, there is no judgment - just your own clear course of action automatically happening, based on frequencies that are just your own. Then the whole world wraps around your antenna of purity - not the other way around. You command your own circumstances without even trying because there is no matrix. Those who still live in that world struggling with truth vs falsity are brought into your field of colossal freedom to be exactly who they are. You live a life of dignity and quiet strength: where all beings, including yourself, are brought to harmony and to peace.

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