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Jul 9, 2020

… certain people choose to destroy the wellbeing, safety and freedom of all beings to thrive and live as they wish. We are facing, nation upon nation, for the first time ever, the possibility of living a new high frequency life where we reclaim not only the ability to choose and shape our own future but can choose to live without lies, domination and oppression. For this possibility, we have only to do one thing - to take back our lives and let not one person stop us from doing that. A law which sanctions death of innocent people is not a good law. A society which upholds corruption and prevents freedom of speech is not a good society. Any leader who allows any single person to be harmed; nature to be destroyed; and our children’s future to be endangered is not a good leader. Why do we allow laws, societies and leaders who do not uphold the common values of human dignity and peace? Why are our governments so incapable of delivering basic human rights and basic standards of living? Because we expect them alone to deliver such things, without us ourselves refusing to accept anything to the contrary. Fair people carry out and protect fair laws. A great society names and abides by statutes which will always impeach those who engage in criminal acts. And a leader we can aspire to always represents the people and makes the difficult decisions which others tremble to make: that the people themselves should rule and take care of their societies; that the people themselves should become the custodians of nature; and that the people themselves should assume the responsibility for their children’s future. Now we are faced with the gravest of situations where we may lose our (relative) freedoms forever. In the next few months events will take place which may permanently close the door on the ability to reverse unimaginable horrors the like of which we have never seen. If we are to have a future and the possibility of imagining day upon day where we do not fear the incursion of our fundamental freedoms; our ability to afford food, shelter, and basic needs; and our need for love, warmth and honesty - it is time for us to take our power to make these things actually happen. 

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