Conflict & attack.

Dec 12, 2020

Reset any aspect of you falsely conditioned into seeking harmony and peace where there is a deep mismatch, distrust and / or negative agenda. Restore safety - your own power and voice - reinstating truthful, accurate interaction. Return more deeply to your own source connection and sense of self with more permission to be, breaking the cycle of victimhood and blame both in your own life and wider society. And dismantle destructive narratives of false acquiescence and niceness in the name of duty, respectability, peace and loving relationship.

Conflict and attack are very difficult when we experience them. But the idea is not to avoid them; ask how we created this; love the person out of existence (!); or try to prevent a “situation” from happening. Conflict and attack are there to strengthen and protect us; to make us be more natural and true to ourselves; and to abolish fake rules or spiritual teachings forcing us to be compliant and passive while we are being taken advantage of.

Some types of attack are due to completely different frequencies being revealed, which are vastly incompatible. One wants what the other has and cannot provide it for themselves. This is an abuse scenario. It doesn’t matter what you do, the other party will always hold you as the bully and them the victim. In this scenario, you have to speak up, firmly say no and part ways with the overall setting. Any altercation is the necessary fission occurring as you move on to different timelines. It is the break up and prevention of an incorrect match of frequencies where there is already deep harm for all beings including yourself, which will only worsen. In these situations, you reverse the force being used against you by taking your own frequency up to the next level and not allowing yourself to be controlled. This kind of experience can be deeply disturbing and upsetting, even physical. But it will be empowering and heal many wounds. And even if the other party does not change at all, you put them more quickly on the road to their next experience without you, where they will be forced to drop their dysfunctional behaviours.

Then there is the other type of circumstance, where you have patterns yourself in common with the person and independence has been lost in your togetherness. Here you are on the same overall frequency and the conflict is a more simple boundary issue which comes with deeper growth and change. You both already hold similar values but have started identifying with each other; playing out each other’s patterns. Here readjusting just your own habits, to where you experience more ease and being back in your body, allows each person to quickly recalibrate in more of their own source connection. This should be uncomfortable: an outmoded way of thinking, feeling and being, lodged in your very cells, is passing. Your new way of being will feel vastly uncomfortable - because it is so unfamiliar. The other person may well throw a tantrum, act up or try to derail you, but this will be temporary and it will soon pass. The point here is that your connection with each other will survive regardless of your fears and grow stronger. This is a deeper initiation into more of the unknown and the naked, very direct experience of having no control whatsoever - over if, when or how that will happen. It indicates the truthfulness of your togetherness, rather than an unhealthy liaison based on parasitism and disempowerment.

Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Clearing & protection; Communication & speaking up; Core issues; Crisis, pain & challenge; Family issues; Global issues; Spiritual deprogramming; Success & taking control.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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