As your future self steps in more and more ...

May 8, 2020

… anywhere there are lies and manipulation will be exposed. Outwardly it will be what you already know and have known for decades - that our system no longer serves us and is mainly, if not wholly, corrupt. But have you noticed your inner corruption yet? That you continually deny the truth inside you; censor yourself ruthlessly; and deny your own freedom every day? It is not a coincidence that everything we see in the outside world is happening. We are all complicit. The change we need is not a new face in government; the fastest medical cure; or the most advanced internet technology. We will only choose from the same impoverished set of values. The change we need is putting your own core identity in office; switching on your own self-healing ability which you already have inside you; and installing in your life the advanced technology of pure love you came here with - which connects, heals and changes every single being on the planet, from the inside out, in a nanosecond.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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