Aftercare 6: Resetting yourself.

Jul 1, 2021

Elevate the mapping of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to a more precise match with the new high frequency you. Design your own body, physical reality and re-pattern your DNA. Change the future pathway for your children and sheer away purified, redundant and unwanted factors in your life which no longer apply.

Resetting yourself is both active and passive. As you purify, the time-space coordinate of your entire personal field shifts and as a result, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies must recalibrate and rematerialise at a new physical marker of reality.

This means we must constantly engage in mediating a radical shift between what was and what is, deliberately undoing some behaviours and developing the skills to notice where we need to deliberately pull in, steer and refocus our actions. In the delicious combination of conscious attention and body control, while the flow of us naturally and spontaneously unfolds, we start to obtain real mastery over our own being and move into the higher levels of dreaming and play.

This involves being able to take the overview, identify priorities and face fear. These factor determine the shape and quality of experience of our immediate zone of action, enabling us to be fully “in time” and completely physicalise all of ourselves exactly the way we wish to. Key characteristics of success are the ability to say what we do and do what we say, constantly closing the gap between inception and materialisation. We meet deadlines with skill and ease; always be on time; and be able to communicate beforehand about what we want and need. These things “self-inform” us through the signals in our body. All we have to do is develop the discipline and attention to always be trained on the body zone and silent space within, where they arise in us, never losing our felt sense of self.

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Event: Monthly message; Special events.

Theme: Aftercare; In your body; Peace, joy & silence.

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