A complex picture is emerging.

Jul 19, 2020

The powers which want to take over the planet are stepping up their game, as they fail to make the impression they had hoped to, at this stage of their plan. Meanwhile, those no longer controlled by their slave self are experiencing more freedom and self fulfillment than they ever have before - amidst an everyday world which bleakens by the minute. While one reality ends, its hold tightens on the lives and minds of the majority who are ruled by fear. The most clued up among us realise that huge numbers of people are going to exit unless they reconnect with their own purity. As the new reality emerges, you are being made to forge deeper bonds now with the very material substance of reality, since this is what will dictate the form of the world to come. You are getting stronger: the rest are stirring in their unconsciousness. You have never been clearer in who you are: everybody else is wondering what to do with their money. It's a very bizarre day to day experience when not far away from where you're standing, half the world is sleepwalking into a highly chilling finale. Leaders will not help you: they are too engrossed in following the role they have been groomed for, which luckily for us, is going to make them completely obsolete. But even that is not much comfort when you realise what this will mean: a fast accelerating, complete, systems breakdown that maybe even we will be lucky to survive. Half of the challenge is to realise, you can rewrite the timeline and must work now to change our leaders. We want a faster incineration of their slave self - just as is happening to you. The other half is to dream, powerfully, and model their replacement. That's you in charge of your local communities - remaining strong, detached, and focused, whatever is happening, at all times.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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