A cold wind blows from the East.

Nov 28, 2021

Will it be war or will the dollar crash first? In either case you can be sure it will be deliberate. What people fail to see is that there are no sides and just a single attempt to divide the world - turning everyone against each other so no one ever takes their power. Looking to the future, all who will remain will be one frequency, joined by the waters of this planet, the gold frequency, and the potential to embody pure love. And this is now an increasing number. Every day more and more people are realising that amidst the ever mounting chaos, there is a deliberate intention to enslave, to kill, to depopulate and to control. What is better? The end of the old system by the hand of the citizens of this planet or the end of the system by the colonists? Soon a huge percentage will decide the former. There are so many beings on this planet in contrast with the small number which attempts this tyranny. Blaming the pandas is very likely. A financial crash is almost a certainty. How to find what unites us and cope with the meltdown probably to come?

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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