Now it’s your turn.

After joining me, you purify and reconfigure. Just be yourself. Keep checking in with your body and keep choosing according to what you’ve learned and what would be even better next time. And, if you asked for help for someone else and they don’t know about it, you need to do the aftercare below for them.


Help is available. But the quality of your life depends on how much you establish new healthier behaviours; and re-set your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Detox. Drink up to 2 litres of water per day - not juice or tea. Feeling headache-y, emotional or suddenly quite tired is completely normal. Take more rest. You only receive as much as you are ready to deal with, never more. Take a salt bath within 24 hours. Use up to 500g of pink himalayan salt - not epsom, magnesium, celtic or dead sea salts. If you don't have a bath, a foot soak is fine.

Purification track(s). Your purification track is on the subject which you most need to work on to take yourself forward more deeply. Listen to the track several times while you meditate, do things, lie in the bath until all the words go in without losing awareness or falling asleep. You can also play the track with the volume turned down while busy or asleep. If you asked for help for someone else, think of them inwardly at the beginning before listen to the track for them.

See everything that happens to you as a purification. It takes time for things to change and what you most need often comes before what you want. You always get what you ask for - or something better. If something strange, unexpected or upsetting happens, see this as release. If you feel nothing, don’t worry. This is your journey and it happens perfectly for you. And remember, when you change so does everyone around you: your ancestors and the previous generations behind you; your immediate loved ones, any children and friends; work colleagues and even people in the street. People may sense you are different. This is why there is sometimes temporary disruption afterwards. Everyone has to re-find themselves and their boundaries.

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Alkalise. Cleanse, lighten your diet, get some bodywork done, realign your spine, OXYGENATE & exercise.

Face your fear. Take action to release anything/anyone who has a hold over you.

MAINTAIN STRONG Boundaries. Say no, keep good company & prioritise yourself.

Do what you say. and only say what you do. AlWAYS BE ON TIME.

Change your story. Talk about what you are doing to change and enlist support.

Change others. Tell others what you need them to do rather than criticising or blaming.

Get professional support. Don't overstretch your friendships!


1. Use the purification tracks regularly. Especially the Protection Purification Track. Available here →

2. Join the Reboot : Deep Clean groups on a weekly basis. It takes time to clear the generations of patterns affecting you. Just one time won’t be enough. Donate here now →

3. Clean & clear your home. Remove old unused, broken or superfluous personal possessions, sentimental objects, old clothes, paperwork, computer files, hard drives, photos & old emails; get a house clearing; or call a dowser to check your property.

4. When you get help from others. Always trust your first impression/gut instinct. Observe/ask whether your practitioner has addiction issues and make an informed decision. Only work with those who deal directly with the Source.

5. Dream. Be honest about what you really want in your life and this world - and start doing it. This is the key to real change.

Working with Jacqueline comes with a health warning: she is the most ruthless dredger of personal shit I have ever met. But for those who can stay the course, Jacqueline helps us find our own diamonds, which makes it all so worthwhile. Her and her work is not for those who dabble, but only for those who are truly committed to understanding their own process. That’s not all easy. But the potential rewards are immense.
— D.C., London 2018