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it's time to take control

help is available. there are now some people on this planet who can remove major obstacles for you quickly and effortlessly. this process will take place in exactly the right way for you and when you ask for a session you have to do your part for it to be successful

1) go directly to the source

whatever you are doing, at all times keep your attention on whatever you call the divine/source. very quickly this focus will become unbroken, which will bring dissonance and personal distortion even more back into alignment. i meet you there: this strengthens your own connection which will then release the issues. if you are really serious, start meditating every day. the quieter you are inside, the faster it will all go

2) when you have a problem, hand it over

don't agonise over your problems. identify what you need/want in response to the problem and ask for it - then let go. ask the source of your being inwardly and sincerely. the quicker you let go of a problem completely, the faster the solution can come. just keep doing what you need to do, continue to take responsibility for your own life and trust the process

3) use every situation to change course

i help you to clear your field. you then have to re-set your path by making choices. with each experience you have, ask yourself what you want, what would be better and start doing it. this is the key to actual physical change in everyday life. when the going gets tough, use the protection purification track to help you. there is so much love available to make sure you are successful!

fast track

GO DEEPER. use the free sunday session >>

HYDRATE WELL. drink up to 2 litres of water per day - not juice or tea

EASE ANY DETOX SYMPTOMS. take your foot/bath in pink himalayan salt

OXYGENATE. increase your blood ratio with daily physical/breathing exercises

ALKALISE. cleanse, lighten your diet, get some bodywork done, realign your spine

FACE YOUR FEAR. take action to release anything/anyone who has a hold over you

CHANGE YOUR STORY. talk about what you are doing to change and enlist support

CHANGE OTHERS. tell others what you need them to do rather than criticising, judging or blaming

WATCH YOUR BOUNDARIES. say no, keep good company & prioritise yourself

BE ON TIME. be reliable: always do what you say and only say what you will definitely do

CLEAN & CLEAR YOUR HOME. remove old unused, broken or superfluous personal possessions especially photographs, sentimental objects, old clothes, paperwork and computer/email files; get a house clearing; or call a dowser to check your property