When we purify, we become more truly ourselves and have to learn the new way in which we operate. At the same time you will be releasing older obsolete aspects of yourself. This is called detox and there are things you can do to minimise this.

So after a purification, you need to take on your new identity, which involves re-setting both your actions, your body and your physical space. The golden rule is: you concentrate on living … while I takes care of the family patterns, personal issues and unwanted energies holding you back. Use your life experiences to make the external changes you really want to see. And remember: sometimes a problem echoes straight after a purification to give you the opportunity to change your behaviour.



If you look on my Oracle blog page, you will find a purification track, posted every few days for you to listen to.

The more you listen, the more you will purify and start to harness your own source connection.

And, on my purification tracks page, there is a library you can consult on specific topics.

As you purify, in the beginning, more issues will come up. Go for the topics which resonate.



Enter the silence

Take time every day to be alone with yourself.

Take responsibility for yourself

It’s not your fault … but it’s not anybody else’s either. Take healthy control: are you being a victim? Always be on time. Do what you say and only say what you do. Get professional support. Don't overstretch your friendships.


Face your fear. Take concrete steps to release any thing or one who has a hold over you. Act & simply choose again. Keep identifying what you will do differently next time to be / do even better. Maintain strong boundaries. Say no, keep good company & prioritise yourself. Best to avoid substances.

Dealing with others

Where there is no consensus. Don’t wait or try to change people. Simply move on. Empower people but don’t help. Encourage but don’t do it for them. Tell others what you need them to do rather than explaining, judging or rejecting. Avoid criticism & blame.


Look at the person, not what they are saying … and feel. What is their vibration like? Are they looking after themselves? Check that any practitioner deals only with the Source. Ask them and observe whether they have addiction issues.

Working with Jacqueline comes with a health warning: she is the most ruthless dredger of personal shit I have ever met. But for those who can stay the course, Jacqueline helps us find our own diamonds, which makes it all so worthwhile. Her and her work is not for those who dabble, but only for those who are truly committed to understanding their own process. That’s not all easy. But the potential rewards are immense.
— D.C., November 2018


1. Relax! If something strange, unexpected or upsetting happens, see this as release. And remember, when you change so does everyone around you: your ancestors and the previous generations behind you; your immediate loved ones, any children and friends; work colleagues and even people in the street. People may sense you are different. This is why there is sometimes temporary disruption afterwards. Everyone has to re-find themselves and their boundaries.

2. Hydrate & rest. Feeling headache-y, emotional or suddenly quite tired is completely normal. Take more rest. You only receive as much as you are ready to deal with, never more. You should also take more liquid. Drink up to 2 litres of water per day - not juice or tea - or up your fruit intake. Fruit contains the best source of water for your body.

3. Take a salt bath. Use up to 500g of ethically sourced pink himalayan salt - not epsom, magnesium, celtic or dead sea salts. If you don't have a bath, a foot soak is fine. And if you can’t find pink himalayan salt, try celtic sea salt as a one-off. Pink himalayan is best for a variety of reasons including it having a much higher frequency and wider trace element/mineral composition than other varieties.

4. Connect with the stars and the earth. Walk in nature regularly. Look at the night sky. Try to sleep under it.

5. Minimise harm to the environment. Are you still damaging the planet?

6. Alkalise & re-set. Cleanse, lighten your diet, get some bodywork done, realign your spine, oxygenate & exercise.

7. Clean & clear your home. Remove old unused, broken or superfluous personal possessions, sentimental objects, old clothes, paperwork, computer files, hard drives, photos & old emails; get a house clearing; or call a dowser to check your property.