Talks on harnessing body intelligence & becoming food free; my experiences living in nature with the indigenous peoples of Tibet, the Arctic Circle, Brazil and the Southwest of the USA; prophecy and the future of humanity; early Taoism and immortality; the tantric and yogic traditions of India & Tibet; "climate change," "global warming" & the politics of water; the politics/economics of China, Taiwan ROC & Japan

Next talk: "There will be no money"
Wednesday, November 5, 2014 @ 7pm 
£5 entry; Glastonbury Town Hall, Somerset, UK, BA6 9EL
What is going to happen to our current economic system? Will it crash or will it remain stable, simply transmuting into a different form? In this talk I outline what the various prophecies say in answer to these questions and detail my own experience as a professional anthropologist of what the indigenous peoples in Tibet, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, the Arctic Circle and South America currently think. Finally I will reveal my own personal guidance received since 2010 as part of the early stages of becoming food free. What can we do to tackle the issues of our time and how can we ensure "real change" ... rather than just engaging in 'talk' about change which never happens?

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