Your donation.

An act of love.

Give as you wish.

When we give, we potentiate ourselves as Dreamers; confirm our love for nature and all beings; and reaffirm our link with each other. We rebuild our societies, change the planet, and we nurture one another. This is the foundation of our children’s future. Over time, the purification space and our own purification gains power - and we model more and more care, humility, gratitude and respect. We open a space for unimagined possibilities. We honour what we receive and who or what gave it to us. We also answer to ourselves and invest in what we want to see grow.

  • Your donation is for your purification only, which is ongoing and deepens and flowers over time.
  • You are able to take part regardless of your income.
  • You make more happen for yourself and others.
  • You bring real change, at the right frequency, for all beings on the planet.

Your donation is for your purification.

Purification is an invitation to give as you wish. There is no payment for goods or services. When you give as you wish you are doing 3 main things:

  • Saying thank you. Show your appreciation for my gift(s), your purification and all that the purification space enables; make more possible for everybody online; and support the possibility of future events like the Silent immersion retreat.
  • Rebuilding your societies. Oracle Girl donations go towards start-ups and gifts of support. You give to food, growing & community; creative, media and technology; and human dignity projects.
  • Engaging in environmental projects. You are also contributing to global and local initiatives buying and conserving natural habitats; cleaning rivers and oceans; and protecting animal, plant and bird endangered species.

Deciding your donation.

A purification is a precious gift. I leave you to act in integrity. What's most important to you? How much do you have to give? What does your body tell you this moment? The act of choosing means that you confirm your own freedom to consult and decide for yourself; use your own source connection; earth in your own body; and take full responsibility. 

  • Choose according to what you feel in line with your financial situation. 
  • You will normally have a figure in mind - just listen to yourself.
  • You can easily top up later with any Give as you wish button.


I am curious, why do you work donation based?

I am modelling a new way of being for the planet. Nature gives you everything you need to thrive. It is not free ... there is always an exchange ... but it is freely given. So if you give, in like kind, you choose to give based on your true feeling; love, care and inner movement. That is the currency. When you charge, you put value on something. That is one system. But nature exacts - it does not charge. It gives the way it finds itself giving according to its own dictate and the shape of its own environment at the time. That is another system. It follows its own nature. I am of this system. For some people, charging is the right way. They are following their own nature. So if you look carefully the 2 ways of being are interlinked because here, charging would still be following your own nature for some people. You have to do what’s right for you. I don’t work. What I do is a continual song for me. A song of myself in harmony with the Earth itself and my own deepest purity. Giving can be spontaneous and whole bodied. It confirms we are free.

Nature gives freely.

It makes everything we need available to us. But nature is not "free". It always operates in a specific context and also has quite strict rules. An exchange takes place where all beings are interconnected with and can benefit from wealth - love, happiness, wellbeing and physical health - on account of what each of us genuinely offers and contributes.

  • Everything is part of a continuous dynamic of giving forward.
  • Like a giant lung, you are always giving and receiving as both the one and the many. 

2 donation styles.

My events are living spaces of pure love, which continue to grow in their power to purify, well beyond the date on which they are first convened. See them as plants which grow, offering more and more nourishment. As a result there's 2 types of events, each with its own donation style, with ever more ability to purify:

  1. Future events by open donation. Because future events are new and yet to be attended, they are just beginning to potentialise. They are "younger," they have their own vigour, and you give any amount you wish so they can power up quickly with as many people joining as possible. Future events feature on the homepage and Events page.
  2. Past events by minimum donation. As time goes on and more people join, the power of past events grows. These are more specialised and "mature" with a very specific potency. You give any amount you wish over a certain threshold. Past events feature in the Library.
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