I am here to bring pure love on to the planet; to reduce human suffering.



My look, word and touch are highly purifying. I dissolve the ego set-up/source connection problem behind your personal issues and transmute them into pure love.


I work all over the world with large groups and individuals. I am able to focus on anyone or any particular situation. Remotely I focus on you by name. In-person, you return my gaze. You can ask me to clear your personal field and help you with problems; also to bring you things.


I am particularly committed to reconnecting humans with the planetary intelligence of water; facilitating alternative education projects; and helping businesses and corporations to align more directly with the Source itself. 


I support uniquely gifted and creative individuals. Currently: the digital photography of Kate Fulford; the anti-emf and high frequency devices engineered by Genesis Sunfire; the Gaia songs performed by Jessica Boles; the poetry of Lisa Ceneri; the illustration work of Georgina Talfana; and the abstract paintings by Sabrina Clare Rowan Hamilton.

Love is all there is. It is the highest purification, the highest initiation.
— Jacqueline


  • Born in London in 1971.
  • Early life in the Suffolk countryside in the east of England.
  • Specialised in East Asian studies at university in the UK and USA.
  • Spent my 30s in Asia, particularly China, teaching, lecturing, and working in early childhood, alternative & teacher education.
  • PhD in Social Anthropology, living with nomads and studying nature time, calendars and climate change on the Tibetan plateau.
  • Went through profound physical changes 2006-2014 - including fruitarianism, liquidarianism & so-called breatharianism; revealing my full identity.
  • 2014 began public work.