You are a being of love.

At this time in history our planet is going through a great change where everything which does not obey the principles of nature will no longer remain. In your presence, the slave self is incinerating: we are acquainting ourselves with a new world and a new way of being, where we are now the ones in charge.

You purify. At the frequency of pure love, you automatically undo and transmute the mechanism of the slave self. The focus is no longer working on your stuff, what’s wrong with you, or trying to make yourself better. You are already going through a fundamental rebirthing from the inside out, where, at the wish of your own purity, any false identity complete with family patterns and personal issues is disappearing from this planet.

The future is positive. The emphasis now is on rebuilding our societies from this new much higher frequency while what does harm and what does not know love, purity and truth leaves. We have everything to look forward to. At times it may be scary - and likely, many many people will leave - but for the first time, perhaps for a very long time, all of us will know true freedom, regardless of what is happening in the world around us.

My name is Jacqueline.

Oracle Girl was set up in order to share my presence in the world. I emit a very specific frequency which you can encounter through one of my images, my words, a video or a piece of my artwork. Just by listening, looking, reading or watching, you yourself re-enter this reality as pure love and via your own self healing ability, any part of you not in alignment with purity begins to transmute and burn up.

I offer a frequency community, including events, where together we can strengthen, find more of ourselves and purify more deeply specifically for these times. In your independence, and in my proximity, you plug only into the purity aspect of your own source connection and embody more love on this planet.

I myself model a new way of representing nature and the human spirit, creativity, community and money. This is fundamentally a work in progress as we all navigate these times and extricate ourselves from the old world. I am not enlightened, I am simply an advanced being, and I don’t represent any viewpoint, religion or politics.

Get started.

It’s easy. Just join the Reboot group on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There you receive a personal purification. You can also sign up for someone else - healthily - without carrying their burden and with your own self healing ability, also focus on global issues which need urgent attention. Afterwards you receive a bespoke purification track to listen to, on the area most needed at this time for yourself, your family and the planet.

After that there’s my Special events. These zero in on certain topics where you can develop further and deepen your alignment with nature’s principles, your own purpose and truth. The Library has all my past events and at any time you can request Immediate assistance to access the infinite native intelligence available to all of us in challenging situations and also direct that to another.

Everything I offer is entirely by donation. I ask you to give as you wish in utter integrity, and if this is for a past event in the Library, to do so over a certain amount. Your donation is to say thank you for your purification and make the future you want to see, happen. You can send a top-up any time, also a gift of support without joining an event. And via Oracle Girl giving, both you and I give back part of your donation to food, community, environmental, creative, media, technology & human dignity projects - also the Oracle Girl community - in the form of start-ups and gifts of support.

I hope you will join me!

Much love x

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