The new you.

Live your new high frequency. Read these sections to reorient and download this handy checklist.


Things are difficult because we have all been persuaded to put what matters last and then try to recover our sanity, health and happiness through war, destroying the environment, worship, rules, money and buying and selling people and things as products. Switch out of what does harm and your purification will move fast.

  • Say no to what dominates, suppresses, divides, kills and negatively controls.
  • Keep company with friends and loved ones who uphold the new high frequencies.
  • Love nature, create and focus on joy. Reduce your human footprint and dependency factors.
  • Rebuild, strengthen, rest, nourish & hydrate your body in the way that is right for you.


As part of the purification process, it is vital to consciously drop outdated behaviours or you will see no change.  This means practically adopting new habits which will replace the old you.

  • Do more of what you love. Notice what uplifts, excites, and gives you energy and momentum.
  • Include your own needs. No more sacrifice. Change or stop what you don't like.
  • Simplify. Let go of old places, people, ways of doing things, and objects which no longer serve you.
  • Concentrate on what works - and move only in that direction. No blame.
  • Spot your stories. Rewrite them. Stop repeating them physically and verbally.

Physically & emotionally reset.

Honour your body. It anchors the pure love which makes purification possible on this planet .

  • Walk in nature regularly. Wild water swimming is very good for you.
  • Connect with the stars. Look at the night sky. Try to sleep under it.
  • Use bodywork & exercise to reset your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers.
  • Alkalise & cleanse in the way that works for you.
  • Minimise use of devices and reduce screen time as far as you possibly can.

What to expect.

It's all about taking your power - nature's way - which will involve the undoing of everything you have ever known. In fact you will find that everything is the complete opposite of what you've been told. It will likely be painful at times. My events and materials all force you out of external dependency on anyone or anything enabling you to upgrade, restore and entirely live out of the purity of your own source connection and nothing else. Remember:

  • The new much higher frequencies support more of what you do want and less of what you don’t.
  • Your self healing ability functions silently and it's about being exceptional and ordinary in the everyday.
  • Your source connection decides what leaves: not us. You get what you most need, rather than what you want.
  • The best parts of you will strengthen and move forward while the non-aligned aspects will fall away.
  • You have to initiate and claim what you want to take form or your unused power will draw the opposite.
  • Your environment will shape you from the inside-out, providing energy, direction and momentum.
  • Your definition of choice will change: it will be contextual and interwoven with what is already happening.
  • Often you won't understand a lot of things especially at the beginning. It doesn't matter.


You need these. They come to make sure you re-embody in direct alignment with nature; physicalise your greater power; and make you get fully conscious - quickly - before you overbalance.

  • Others / things may kick off. They are being forced to repattern in your proximity.
  • Loved ones might become emotional or try to provoke a reaction from you to “get you back”.
  • You may kick off. Be patient. Trust. It takes time.
  • Previous health conditions may temporarily resurface for final resolution.
  • With the absence of patterns, you can feel heavier as you finally come back into your body.
  • Get professional support. Don’t overstretch your close relationships!

Working with Jacqueline comes with a health warning:
She is the most ruthless dredger of personal shit I have ever met. But for those who can stay the course, Jacqueline helps us find our own diamonds, which makes it all so worthwhile. Her and her work is not for those who dabble, but only for those who are truly committed to understanding their own process. That’s not all easy. But the potential rewards are immense.

When things get tough.

It’s always temporary. A large part of the purification process is about endurance, discipline and perseverance; pushing on through.

  • You only receive as much as you are ready to deal with. Just do your best and keep on going. 
  • The right thing is always happening. Things are already naturally unfolding. You haven't got to work it out. 
  • When there is pain and difficulty, this is what is leaving, rather than what is “wrong” with you. 
  • Use the materials in the Library to support you.
  • Request Immediate assistance.
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