Telephone 121s (by phone, WhatsApp or Skype).

  • Donate one time: Click on BOTH buttons 1 & 2. Your donation must be made at the same time as booking.

  • Alternatively: Go on the waiting list or write to me.


  • You ring me: Use the number provided in your email confirmation.

  • Keep an eye on the time: Concentrate on what you would like help with. Refrain from “telling the story.”

  • If you call in late, the connection drops or you miss the call: We will still finish exactly after 20 minutes.

  • If cannot connect or hear properly: Meditate or sit quietly wherever you are for the remainder of the 20 mins.

  • If you do not finish at the 20 minute point: I will be forced to end the call.

  • If you forget your appointment: You will still receive a personal purification during the time space.


  • The outcome of your purification is beyond my control: Your own self-healing capacity switches on and goes to your area of greatest need. This is not always what you want or what you asked for but is always the best thing for you.

  • There are no refunds: Make sure you have read the About and Small print pages before you join.


  • Later you may feel very tired: Take a bath or foot soak in up to 500g of ethically sourced pink himalayan salt; nothing else. Allow plenty of time for rest / reflection and try to have an early night.

  • Sorry, I offer no personal advice or emotional support: You need to take your own power and there are many excellent therapists and counsellors who can hold the space for you while you reconfigure and make your own decisions.

  • To take your purification further: Please read my Aftercare and Oracle pages.



A T121 is specifically for speaking with me, privately, alone.

We are all busy and getting to an appointment in-person these days can be pretty difficult. Phoning instead can save a lot of time.

Since I got in touch with you, I have already been experiencing a releasing of the blockages. Something totally surreal happened yesterday which enabled me a heightened sense of clarity and feeling of wellness. Even just visualising you I feel an inner calm.
— K.O., Feb 2019
I feel so much clearer and the heaviness is shifting, a heaviness that I wasn’t truly aware of until I compare how I am feeling now prior to working with you.
— J.S., Mar 2019
From last 121, I’ve lived a miracle with my father. The evening after the session, since then he’s nice with me. The energy is really different. Another miracle, with the agressive roomate : I listened to “resolving difficult situations”, I felt something leaving and a relief. When I was next to her, as you said, I focused on my body. She finally stopped being agressive and she’s much softer. I feel my boundaries are strong and I am opened too. I feel independant, centered, strong and calm, I also feel love and a momentum to express myself.
— M.LM., May 2019
A 1 on 1 telephone session with Jacqueline; what a true gift. So clear, so spot on and so transforming. I could really feel my body and system getting lighter and more aligned. We all deserve to BE and feel more light , clear and alive. So treat yourself with this purification
— L.VL., June 2019
Thank you so much, it was amazing! I worked on this issue before with other healers but none of them really helped. I feel so much better now, like Iam whole again. I have more energy and feel stronger inside. It feels like I found myself, something I was looking for a long time.
— V.D., June 2019