Supporting others

I support unrecognised genius and people with exceptional frequency-altering talent. On this page you can see the creatives who I can see you need to know about. Shortly you will be able to read about the environmental clean-up and alternative education projects your donations are helping.

Sabrina Rowan Hamilton

Sacred still …


Sabrina is currently the artist in residence at the Re:Centre on the Thames Wharf in South London. She is rarely seen without her dog Quincy and has exhibited her paintings, photography and works on paper all over the world. Sabrina is my main host and her pieces bring out the core messages transmitting throughout existence.



Jessica blanche mary Boles

Without the songs of Gaia we cannot heal ...

Jessica is a truly gifted singer and pianist able to open the heart directly with her spontaneous compositions. She composes musicals, film scores and pieces for orchestras - and used to be my host in her Whalesong Centre in central Glastonbury. Jessica is currently writing the Musical of Creation complete with Mother Gaia songs, Whale Song, Global Peoples’ Song and the Song of Humanity. All of her recent pieces are recorded in 432Hz. She also clears spaces using crystal bowls and her voice including singing at wells and sacred places in nature. Her latest project assisted Masai warriors to visit Glastonbury to raise funds for their families while sharing their sacred practices, healing songs, rhythms and dances.


Dan Lewis

Some of the plastics I collect have been in the sea longer that I have been alive …

Dan creates out of the pieces of brightly coloured plastics washed up on the beaches of the south coast of England and France. He and his wife Sam host me currently in Ramsgate. Besides leading one of the few alternative education projects in Kent, UK, another one of Dan's unique gifts is being able to transmute the frequencies of waste manmade substances back into the energies of nature and higher human consciousness. He also has a real eye for colour - as you can see.




Kate FulforD

Open your eyes to a brighter world!

Kate is an amazing digital photographer and before I met her, I wouldn’t allow anyone to take my photo. Nearly all of the pictures of me on this site were taken at the drop of a hat in her (or my) garden and there is never any preparation, fuss or ceremony. Her unique style captures a light few notice and she is well known for her recent Galactic Blue series and many photoscapes of the Somerset Levels and Glastonbury Tor. Last year Kate opened a retreat centre on the Tor and when she is not out with her dog Rusky taking photos, she is an active campaigner for animal rights, the environment, and ET disclosure.

Galactic orb of healing

Galactic orb of healing

George 2018.jpg


Rehumanising the city

Georgina is a busy mother, fine artist and illustrator. She is happiest sketching the streets of London and translating her strong emotional impressions of the city into marks on the paper. One of the few qualified women International Mountain Leaders in the world, she combines her keen body sense of environments with a strong visual perception to produce absorbing pieces of astonishing intricacy. These rearrange time and space - bringing the human element back to the fore.