Sundays at 7pm (remotely).

A 30 minute purification with you stopping to join me.

  • Go into the silence alone in your own home or outside - and strengthen your own source connection.

  • I will be focusing on the space.

  • If you need help or would like to ask for help for someone else, focus on this inwardly at the beginning of the group, then let go.

  • Just sit quietly by yourself, without changing a thing inwardly or outwardly. You can meditate in your own style; lie in the bath; go for a walk; or even sleep. Just commence the 30 minutes with the intention of joining the space.

  • Sorry, I offer no emotional support or personal advice. To take your purification further, please read my aftercare and blog pages.

  • Remember: if, when & how any help or answers come is governed by the source of your own being.

  • No donations accepted.


In the Sundays at 7pm purification space, you relax, earth & plug more deeply into your own self …

… embodying more of your own source connection. Slowly your mind quietens, while you automatically shed personal issues, family patterns, blocks and unwanted influences.