Oracle Girl

embodying more love on this planet

Public talks, group & personal purifications entirely by donation



receive a FREE individual focus wherever you are in the world

7:00pm-7:30pm gmt every single week

30 minute global remote focus group

no donation or booking necessary

join this group to harness the divine aspect of your own being and receive your individual focus for free. this is the most powerful remote event i offer since my focus is magnified by the large numbers of people who tune in and join the space all over the world. help is available regardless of your financial situation though if you wish to you can still donate



choose your session

sit down at 7pm gmt

with the intention of joining the group. you can meditate; take some quiet time; or if you are busy, carry on as usual simply turning your thoughts towards the event. i will be focusing on the space

if you wish, you can add

a problem into the group which needs resolving or someone you know who needs help. at the beginning when i come to you, focus on the person or issue temporarily, then let it go

fall into the embrace of the group and relax

then at 7:30pm, change course and do something else


sundays@7pm in glastonbury, uk

please note jacqueline will not be present

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2 st benedict's close, glastonbury, ba6 9na


9 spaces

contact jes boles on +447971025015