special focus

An individual focus from a place with high frequency Earth energies

Join this group to receive your individual focus from a place in nature boosted and accelerated by high frequency Earth energies. It may additionally be scheduled at a special time, e.g. in the period of intense solar activity; a solstice; or an equinox. These sessions particularly assist with grounding and electromagnetic alignment. Afterwards you will receive a unique picture message with special words to aid your reconfiguration.


the Tesla standing wave at the top of the pyramid of the sun is incredibly high frequency

I shall conduct this session from the very centre of the top of the pyramid of the sun where scalar energies are recorded. This measures 50,000B on the Bovis scale:

1,500B = cooked food 🍚 

3,000B = steamed food 🥦

6,500B = raw food (green) diet 🥒

8,500B = sprouts, fruits, juices 🍉

10-14,000B = world sacred sites 🗿 

14-20,000B = ethereal range sites 🏔 

25,000B = pyramid approach ⚡️

40-50,000B = pyramid top  

previous locations


Special Focus Mar 2018.

Special Focus Dec 2017.