Oracle Girl

embodying more love on this planet

Public talks, group & personal purifications entirely by donation

special focus

an individual focus from a place with high frequency earth energies

45min global remote focus group + group photo message

join this group to receive your individual focus from a place in nature boosted and accelerated by high frequency earth energies. it may additionally be scheduled at a special time, e.g. in the period of intense solar activity; a solstice; or an equinox. these sessions particularly assist with grounding and electromagnetic alignment. afterwards you will receive a unique picture message with special words to aid your reconfiguration

the Tesla standing wave at the top of the pyramid of the sun is incredibly high frequency

i shall conduct this session from the very centre of the top of the pyramid of the sun where scalar energies are recorded. this measures 50,000B on the bovis scale:

1,500B = cooked food 🍚 

3,000B = steamed food 🥦

6,500B = raw food (green) diet 🥒

8,500B = sprouts, fruits, juices 🍉

10-14,000B = world sacred sites 🗿 

14-20,000B = ethereal range sites 🏔 

25,000B = pyramid approach

40,000B = pyramid top

previous locations

donate ahead electronically

your donation is for 45 minutes. the amount should feel comfortable and be fair to you and me. judge by your current situation and what you feel truly to give. your need for help comes first. your income is not a bar to you receiving assistance. i trust you. if you want to give more when you have money, you can always send me something later

what happens

you will receive an email before and after your session. during the session i focus on each person on the list by name

on the day

hydrate well: up to 2 litres of hot or cold water - not juice or tea. it does not matter what you are doing. i may focus on you while you are sleeping. some people like to treat the opportunity as a mini-immersion; you might want to meditate; take some quiet time; or simply carry on as usual. later you will likely feel very tired. allow plenty of time for rest and reflection and try to have an early night. in the evening take a full length/foot bath in up to 500g of pink himalayan salt - not epsom, celtic or dead sea salts

group photo message

look at the image carefully. it is good to go back to the photo and read the words several times as part of your forward reconfiguration

detox symptoms

if you have some detox symptoms including feeling headache-y, emotional or suddenly quite tired, this is completely normal. you only receive as much as you are ready to deal with, never more. continue to hydrate well as previously directed, rest and relax


special focus mar 2018

special focus dec 2017


i offer purifications. the outcome of your session including life changes, sudden events and any detox symptoms is decided by the source of your own being and the extent to which you follow my aftercare advice. the rate at which this happens will be exactly right for you and is not under my control. i do not work with anything or anyone else nor do i put anything into you or take anything out. you simply respond to my focus, plug more deeply into your own source connection, then automatically shed personal issues as a result. my words are a medicine for your forward reconfiguration rather than literal or direct advice. they require no action other than what naturally arises for you post session and any actions, choices or decisions you make are entirely your responsibility. additionally those around you will be affected. when you change so does everyone else: your ancestors and the previous generations behind you; your immediate loved ones, any children and friends; work colleagues and even people in the street