Oracle Girl

embodying more love on this planet

Public talks, group & personal purifications entirely by donation


i take every communication and booking request intuitively on a case-by-case basis


cancellation policy

a minimum of 48hrs' cancellation notice is required for any in-person event. i may ask for a donation if you cancel with less than 48hrs to go and your space goes unfilled. to change any remote booking, please contact me at least 48 hours before the event


cookie policy

when you use, small files known as cookies are inserted into your device to collect information about session activity and how you browse its pages mainly to remember what you've already seen so you're not shown it again. i also use cookie data to update and improve user experience but this will never be used to identify you or to collect or store your personal information nor will i ever share your information with any third party organisation


disclaimer & legal waiver

i offer purifications. the outcome of your session including life changes, sudden events and any detox symptoms is decided by the source of your own being and the extent to which you follow my aftercare advice. i do not work with anything or anyone else nor do i put anything into you or take anything out. you simply respond to my focus, plug more deeply into your own source connection, then automatically shed personal issues as a result. i do not cure anything and i am not a medical doctor, a healer, a therapist/counsellor or an intuitive/psychic. please consult a qualified professional in relation to any medical, legal, financial or business issue you have and the relevant therapist for emotional support. my words are a medicine for your forward reconfiguration rather than literal or direct advice. they require no action other than what naturally arises for you post session and any actions, choices or decisions you make are entirely your responsibility. you choose to use oracle girl services of your own free will and in so doing forever release, waive and discharge any claims against dr jacqueline hobbs, her hosts, staff and the oracle girl organisation



i offer purifications on the basis of financial exchange. you must give a donation and no event except sundays@7pm is free. for remote events all donations must be made electronically before your session. for in-person events, all donations cash or electronic must be made on the same day. any next booking cannot be made until any previous session has been financially honoured



this experience is a precious opportunity. you should have minimal other engagements during our stay. i bring you the purification energy at the combined strength of however many people attend: personal issues may come up strongly and the event will likely be physically and emotionally demanding. you will also be dealing with members of the public in your personal space. be careful to take conscious time before, during and afterwards to rest and reflect. i will handle all booking arrangements and we ask for a clean space. my partner and i will most likely need overnight accommodation, pick-up or reimbursement of travel expenses. meanwhile i will not expect a donation from you for any group attendance - unless of course you wish to give something



when participating in anything i offer i expect you to treat myself and others well. this includes respecting my hosts and their home; taking responsibility for your own life; speaking in a timely manner; causing no harm, injury or personal offence; raising problems directly and immediately with the person concerned; and refraining from malicious speech, gossip and negativity


inviting me to give a public talk

you can invite me to give a talk at a suitable public venue or at your home or business address. if you need to hire premises for the talk, you will usually charge a door fee, ensuring that this adequately covers making me a reasonable donation as well as the discharge of all costs incurred. if the event is at home, we will offer it entirely by donation


privacy policy & EU gdpr compliance

 all session content and electronic communications are entirely confidential. if you are a public figure, i use an alternative name to protect your contact/booking details. i hold your name, email address and mobile number in my booking system while you are booked for events and your name and email address only while you remain subscribed to my bulk mailing list. if you simply write to me but are not booked for any events, i never store your email address or mobile number. i delete all electronic messages from all devices within 3 months after our conversation ends. i accept no responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your data or computer system while in contact with me electronically or using material derived from this website


publicity & social events

many thanks, but i do not do personal interviews or accept invites to people's homes or gatherings


recordings/digital downloads

i accept no responsibility for your technological setup when purchasing digital downloads. you should check first that you are able to download and play any mp3 or m4a available track to your own satisfaction. these may not be reproduced, altered or sold in any way whatsoever. you also may not record any of my events without my permission


refund policy

all refunds are entirely at my discretion. no refunds for remote events or digital downloads. refunds for any physical product are entirely at the discretion of their creator(s)


telephone calls

i do not pick up calls by mobile phone, landline, whatsapp, facetime, viber, LINE or skype. if i make a phone call of any type, this is entirely at my discretion


using this website

this site is a live document and it is continually updated. please check back regularly for the latest information. the continued use of the site after a change has been made on any page is your acceptance of the change. further, access and use by you of this site constitutes your acceptance of all items on this small print page, effective from the date you first use this site. i may at any time revise the small print section without notice and this page in particular should therefore be regularly checked