My gifts are freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary. I am always available to you night and day; wherever you are in the world; whatever you are doing; wherever I am, whatever I am doing. Any type of contact with me will automatically plug you more deeply into your own source connection. Just reaching out to me in your thoughts, observing my photo, or reading my words is enough to receive a purification from me. You can also choose to join me. If you choose to contact me, join me and/or make a donation, this is unconditionally and completely of your own free will; any outcome(s) are beyond my control; and you forever release, waive and discharge any claims against Dr Jacqueline Hobbs, her hosts, staff, volunteers and the Oracle Girl organisation.


To change, pause or cancel any recurring donation, please do this via your Donor Account and your nominated payment processor (Stripe, PayPal, ApplePay, Bancontact, SOFORT, iDeal etc). You must do both and you alone are responsible for this. Until I receive a confirmation email from all relevant parties, your recurring donation has not been changed, paused or cancelled.

cookie policy

When you use oraclegirl.org, small files known as cookies are inserted into your device to collect information about your online activity and how you browse its pages mainly to remember what you've already seen so you're not shown it again. I also use cookie data to update and improve user experience but this will never be used to identify you or to collect or store your personal data. I never share your information with any third party organisation.


All email & blog content; writings; photographs; purification tracks; and products of any type are my sole property and copyright protected unless otherwise attributed. You may not record any of my events yourself without my prior permission. All photographs, purification tracks and products are for personal use only and cannot be distributed, reproduced, altered, sold or used professionally in any way.


I accept no responsibility for your technological setup when purchasing and downloading mp3s. You should check first that you are able to download and play any mp3 on your own device to your own satisfaction. I also strongly advise that you download any purification track to your computer first, on the day it is released, then use it at your leisure across your personal devices. Free purification tracks are available up to the expiry date stated alongside them. You are not entitled to a free copy of any purification track after the stated download period has expired. After this point, they can be purchased from the website.


I offer purifications and make no claim to change or heal you myself. This occurs entirely under the jurisdiction of your own source connection. I am not a spiritual teacher, medical doctor, an alternative practitioner, an energy worker, a therapist/counsellor or an intuitive/psychic of any type nor do I offer emotional support or personal advice. Your actions, choices and decisions (or lack of them) are entirely your own responsibility. Please consult a qualified professional in relation to any practical, medical, legal, financial, business, psychological or emotional issue you may have.


Security. Your Donor Account is protected by advanced online security programmes and 2-factor authentication. Personal data. You have full control over any data you enter for “help needed” in your Donor Account and you can delete this data at any time. Your past data in this field is not stored. Financial data. Any financial data used for making a donation can be immediately deleted in your Donor Account after your donation has been made and you do not have to store your financial data in order to set up or retain a Donor Account. Account deletion. If you wish your Donor Account to be erased, please contact me via jacqueline@oraclegirl.org. No copy will be made.


You can invite me to give a public talk or Silent Focus group at a suitable public venue or your home/business address. This experience is a precious opportunity. I bring you the purification energy at the combined strength of however many people attend: personal issues may come up strongly and the event will likely be physically and emotionally demanding. You will be dealing with members of the public, perhaps also in your personal space. You should already be attending most if not all events I offer. Be careful to take conscious time before, during and after the event(s) to rest and reflect. We particularly ask for a clean space and you should not have other appointments on the day(s). We may need pick-up/return and perhaps overnight accommodation. Meanwhile all booking arrangements will be handled through the website and you will be asked to look after the attendance record and collect any donations on the day.


It is your responsibility to understand and to read what I do as well as every verbal and written communication I make, including on this website. If you contact me, join me and / or make a donation, I expect you to treat myself and others well. This includes respecting any hosts, venue or home; taking full personal responsibility for your own life including your words and actions; speaking in a timely manner; causing no harm, injury or personal offence; raising problems directly and immediately with the person concerned; and refraining from malicious speech, gossip and negativity. I particularly take intimidation, defamation of character or any attempt(s) to undermine my work very seriously. In these circumstances I will take whatever course of action necessary to protect my reputation.

privacy policy & EU gdpr compliance

 We adhere to and are bound by the data protection requirements of all national and global legislation including EU GDPR. We will never disclose your personal data to third party organisations. Records & storage. A back up is kept of all systems including your Donor Account. Your Donor Account. You can update or delete your personal data from your Donor Account at any time. You can opt out of having your card details stored by unticking the box in the checkout. If your Donor Account is erased, no copies are stored. Gmail, Mail Gun & Mail Poet. If you make a donation or purchase, I may use your email address to contact you about the purification space you have joined. Calls, SMS texts, & WhatsApp messages. I do not store your landline or mobile number after your communication with me. Your computer, device or technical system. I accept no responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your data or computer system while in contact with me electronically or using material derived from this website.


Donations. There are no refunds once you have made a donation. Purifications tracks. There are no refunds or payment transfers after purchase. Billing errors. In the event that your payment processing organisation, erroneously take a double or multiple donation from your bank account for a single event, please contact me via jacqueline@oraclegirl.org. You will receive a full or partial refund if all of the following criteria are fulfilled: 1) You are fully abiding by the terms and conditions of your payment processing organisation; 2) The error is not your mistake or a case of fraud; 3) You provide a bank statement showing clear evidence of the error you describe; and 4) your bank statement matches the Oracle Girl record held by your nominated payment processor.


All pictures on this website (photographs, digital images, paintings, posters) are either non-copyrighted or works in the public domain. They are employed for educational / non-profit purposes under the terms of Fair Use in Section 107 of the Copyright Act.

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This site is a live document and it is continually updated. Please check back regularly for the latest information. Your continued use of this site after a change has been made on any page is your acceptance of that change. Further, your access and use of this site constitutes your acceptance of all site content, effective from the date of first use. I may revise a page at any time without notice and this page in particular should be regularly checked.