seismic events & the karmic delete group 3

Wednesday August 8, 2018

Dear all

Hope you enjoyed this morning. An incredibly powerful serious of releases, recorded live for you, now follows. I urge you to listen to this track many times over during this period right through to November 11, when integration should be mostly done. On Saturday we have the eclipse - do join the Reboot : Deep Clean remote focus group that day if you haven't already - where the current 3-day corridor will peak in intensity. Be aware that you are changing deeply and that anything that happens is a part of you simply dropping what you no longer need. *You can no longer get anything wrong* - everything will push you in your highest direction.

Remember: my look, word & touch purifies. In addition to the vibrational changes now sheering everything away which no longer serves you, my work eases and speeds you through this process with the minimum of detox. Please be aware that especially if you are experiencing hot weather, hydration will be very very important today as well as my recently updated aftercare advice:

If you missed Groups 1 & 2, the recordings (and other talks and useful tracks) are available here:

Lastly for those of you with donations still outstanding or who have said they wished to supplement their donation afterwards please use the following link:

Much love. Thank you for joining the group and see you soon!

Love Jacqueline


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