seismic events & the karmic delete group 2

Tuesday June 26, 2018

Dear all

Today's group was * the most powerful I have ever done. * Please be aware that especially if you are experiencing hot weather, hydration will be very very important today as well as my recently updated aftercare advice:

I do hope you enjoy the following recording, which you should use at least until August 8 and whenever you go through a major shift. It is good to listen to this track a couple of times including in the background while you are doing things, while you are having a bath or before bed. Don't worry if you don't understand everything. All the words are of one quality which will purify and reconfigure you just like a medicine.

If you missed Group 1, the recording (and other talks and useful tracks) are available here:

Lastly for those of you with donations still outstanding or who have said they wished to supplement their donation afterwards please use the following link:

Much love. Thank you for joining the group and see you soon!

Love Jacqueline


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