Resolving personal difficulties.

Last updated: March 30, 2024.

Confusion / worry

1. I don't understand. You do not need to understand my words or a certain piece. Purification occurs regardless and it is the frequency which is important. Your source connection always registers Jacqueline's signal and this bypasses the intellect. Understanding will come when it is ready and after just a little time, many report when they listen or watch again that suddenly it all makes sense.

Reaching out to us for help

1. I am in an extreme situation. We are very sorry you are in so much difficulty. Although Jacqueline does not give direct personal advice, please know she is aware of your situation. In these situations we recommend, if it resonates, reaching out to a friend or a relevant professional practitioner. You can also read Living in quadrality and / or request Immediate assistance.

2. Please advise me / answer my personal question(s). We are very sorry but Jacqueline does not answer direct questions, give feedback, personal advice or emotional support. She really wants you to find your own answers, take action and make your own decisions so that your life remains your own. You could use your Reboot Specific focus to concentrate on an issue or solution. Alternatively, you can ask a question here in advance of a Special event where Jacqueline might answer it. Or, if you are really struggling, please request Immediate assistance.

3. I am experiencing severe physical symptoms. At this time the electrical system is being very highly stimulated by changes in Earth's magnetic field and our new openness to much higher frequencies. There are no symptoms from purification itself. This is something your own source connection is doing all the time. However it can certainly be the case that sometimes your own self healing ability intensifies in its capacity to release patterns and unwanted influences around the time of an event. Symptoms and challenging situations then come up more strongly. The increased voltages that your body may now anchor can bring temporarily, non-harmful, physiological effects. Meanwhile if there are toxins in your system; physiological and bioenergetic pathways which are not fully open; strong effects from technology and microwave radiation; unwanted influences; alien frequencies; kundalini anomalies; negative inserts from channelling activities; a high percentage of dead energies; genetic variation; or synthetic encroachment in your personal field or near environment, you may experience more difficulties than usual in these high frequency times. The particulars of each individual situation can be quite complex and we always suggest seeking help from additional professional practitioners who can support you on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. 

4. I can't sleep. Many are noticing that sleeplessness is a real issue currently for themselves and others. Sometimes, due to the frequency acceleration, these effects may intensify on the day of one of my events. In this case we suggest you decide what to do according to your precise situation. Some people persist with their purification, others take a small break. We leave the decision entirely up to you.

5. I'm angry. This could be part of the purification. Sorry you are so upset. Do take your time and check in with yourself. Maybe it's a release or a turning point ... or maybe it's time to review, slow down or drop Jacqueline's work. There's also Immediate assistance if you feel that's right for you.

Getting external help

1. Is it OK to use therapeutic techniques? If you are in the purification space and truly resonating at the frequency of pure love, therapeutic techniques will often be an excellent support alongside your purification. Here the point is not 'no therapies / spirituality' as we're sure you're already aware, but your own source connection first - and second, external modalities that you are not dependent on.