Help centre: emails.

Last updated: January 23, 2024.

Event emails

1. I haven't received my event email. Nearly everyone receives their emails. Hopefully it is just a one-off. Very occasionally emails get lost or something goes wrong. Your emails are sent via an external server. It can often report that your email has been delivered but you may not have received it. This is very frustrating:  

  • Make sure your inbox has plenty of space and it's not full or you can't receive anything.
  • Please make a thorough search in your email account using the dedicated search function to see if your email ended up in your spam / junk or a different folder. 
  • This may be because of your account settings or the type of email account you are using. Try to choose a good provider which does not block or highly filter your emails.
  • Please make sure you have added the following addresses to your Contacts, Safe Sender or Allow list: and
  • Check with your email provider whether an extra filter is active that blocks certain mails. Ask them, if applicable, to add to an allow list.

2. I haven't received my Reboot email yet. The Reboot group is a 24-hour event. During the purification you will be sent an event email with a link to any event material available

3. Please resend my event email. We can only resend emails from within the last 5 days. This includes instances where your email account is over quota; deleting an email containing a download / watch link 'older' than 72 hours; or those links no longer working because the event was some time ago. The best thing to do is join the event again in the Library.

4. Where do I find my Specific focus email? This is sent to you as a separate email when you join the Reboot group. It's separate for privacy reasons and you can use this email to continually update the Specific focus calibrating your purification.

[JOIN AGAIN] reminders

1. I received a [JOIN AGAIN] email but I have already signed up for the Recurring Reboot. The [JOIN AGAIN] email is an automatic reminder sent to you when one of  your Reboot groups from the 'Choose your dates' option ends. You can ignore this email if you have already joined the Recurring Reboot.

2. Why did I receive the [JOIN AGAIN] reminder email? I already signed up. You receive these if you decided to join the Reboot group via the 'Choose your dates' Reboot option. Sometimes this happens if you have joined more than once or under different email addresses. In this case, just ignore the email. Please note, [JOIN AGAIN] reminders do not stop if you decide to use the Recurring Reboot option. 


1. How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter? You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email or you can contact us by emailing

2. Where do I sign up for the newsletter? You can sign up here:

3. I don't receive my newsletter - even after resubscribing. This may be to do with your email provider.

4. I gave the wrong name / email address when I signed up for the newsletter. Please contact We will unsubscribe you then you will need to subscribe yourself again with the correct name / email address. Here is the link for resubscribing:

Email FAQs

1. There's no unsubscribe button on my [COMPLETE] email. To explain, this is a transaction email, rather than a newsletter or conventional spam. An unsubscribe link is therefore not required. It is a post event email, already confirmed as something you signed up for.

2. Please send my list of video links. Unfortunately we cannot do this. In a past email we sent everyone new links to all the online events they previously joined. This was a unique and one-off occasion when we left YouTube and will not happen again.