Help centre: events.

Last updated: April 28, 2024.

Event sign-up & start time

1. I want to know what I've signed up for. At the base of every email receipt you receive, there is a pink button which says "View the events you've joined." If you click on this you will see all the forward and past events (for the last 6 months) you have signed up for.

2. Where is my account? You can click on the 'My dashboard' link on the homepage, in the website footer, and in any Recurring Reboot email.

3. I am confused about the event start time. All events start and end times are clearly stated in UTC on the website homepage; in the events section; on your receipts; and in each newsletter. To convert UTC to your local time, you can either use Google or on the Oracle Girl website, you can click on "show local time" - revealing the event start in your time zone. All Oracle Girl event times switched to UTC in 2021. Read more here: Find out your event start time.

4. I would like to change the "Who / what is this for? to someone else. You need to sign up the person you have in mind separately as this is a purification for a different person. You can then email us via [email protected] to cancel the existing sign-up you no longer wish to continue with. 

5. I missed the sign-up. If you're too late to sign up, any live event will be available in the Library within 2 hours of any event ending.

6. There's not enough room in the Specific focus box to write everything. State your situation or ask your main question as simply as you can. You need to distil the essence of what you want to know: Jacqueline doesn't need lots of detail. You can read more here.

Transcripts, subtitles & translations

1. There's no transcript(s), subtitles or recording(s). Please note that the focus of an event is the purification itself rather than the words. Any transcript is additional to an event sign-up. We undertake to provide transcripts and downloads of live events as soon as we possibly can. However there is no fixed schedule for this. While we do our very best to provide a transcript and if so, as quickly as possible, we ask you for your patience.

2. Please could I have the translation / subtitles / captions. All videos do or will have subtitles in English. There should be a [cc] button in the video player where you can enable this. Unfortunately we cannot offer other languages than English at the moment due to the huge amount of work this involves.

3. How do I access the translations? These are on the Oracle Girl community page. Please note you need to be in the Reboot group to enter. Click here:

4. How do I find a translation in a specific language? In the 'Search for a language' section, choose a language from the dropdown menu. You will then automatically be shown a list of the titles of however many translations are available in that language.

5. How do I add my own translation(s)? Type your language in the 'Search for an event' box. On the event page go down to the section entitled 'Add your translation'. Choose your language, add your (nick)name and then copy-paste in your translation. Tick the 'yes' box and click on the 'Submit' button. Please do not add a translation of the event description or email.

Technical issues

1. I'm having download problems. We suggest trying a different browser or using a different device. We always recommend clearing your cache / the history and accessing the website via a laptop rather than a phone. You can also try using an incognito window from any browser. Make sure your device is fully updated. And if all else fails, maybe you can ask a friend to help.

2. There are sound issues. We always endeavour to calibrate the volume of each track appropriately and sometimes background noise or a particular environment can be heard in a recording. If an event ends up quieter or louder than normal, you may need to change the sound settings on your own device or get some help with this from a friend.

Event changes & recommendations

1. Why has this event changed? Usually this is at Jacqueline's request. Sometimes there are unexpected or last minute changes in line with her ability - and grasp of the purification space and what it needs.

2. Why has this event been discontinued? Occasionally this happens for one or more of the following reasons: technical concerns, platform issues, recording quality, relevance, and / or Jacqueline's personal wishes.

3. Has the name of this event changed? For a full list of name changes, please see the "Name changes" section on the My events page.

4. Please would you recommend something for my situation. In general the latest Reboot group is always the answer to your situation or question. After this, rather than give personal recommendations, we encourage you to browse the past events in the Library and see what resonates.

Event FAQs

1. Where's Earth histories? Jacqueline decided to discontinue "Earth histories 1-3" in 2021. Many of the timelines have now changed because of the rapid rate of purification on Earth and the recordings themselves were of very poor sound quality in places. She does make reference to the details of the material throughout all of her events though so the information is still available across different events in the Library

2. What were the Fuerteventura events? This featured a special focus on future self and alien frequencies: Future self and The gift of you: your future self. Other relevant events with a similar theme include: Alien frequencies; Aliens, hybrids & visitors; and Replicants, synthetics & cyborg replacements.

3. Why can't I download an e-copy of the SIR artwork? We are very sorry but we don't supply original e-copies for downloading. As per the original Silent immersion emails, the image is enclosed in an email with Jacqueline's writing underneath. Meanwhile if you wish to obtain a physical print of Jacqueline's artwork, any current links are provided in the email for you to order these from Gee Tee Ethical Store.

4. How are your guests / interviewers chosen? Just like all my events, first and foremost according to the purification and frequency needs of the purification space - and in this case including the guest / interviewer(s) themselves. After this, there are a number of factors involved including the need to explore a certain topic or introduce a certain new perspective; the type of issues the guest / interviewer(s) might be challenged by; and their geographical location in relation to the Earth grid.

5. What is the exhalation sound I hear sometimes? It’s the relax that happens in my body after a purification starts to gear up. My diaphragm starts to move and tense up and then as it releases, my breath comes out. It's not me blowing things away.