Reboot: Deep Clean group (remotely).


Reboot: Deep Clean group

My gifts are freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary

This is the main group that I offer and you should start here. All you have to do is join. Stay in this group to clear your family patterns and personal issues as fast as possible. I transmit this purification space outside in nature as much as I can and am usually drawn to high frequency spots with powerful Earth energies, which will have even more powerful results for you.

When: Wednesdays & Saturdays

How: Regularly or one time


Anyone can join. I can help with any issue: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. You don't have to be spiritual or religious and what lies at the root of a problem always gets attended to first, then everything slowly refines down into what you asked for. So no worries if you haven’t got anything specific you need help with or don’t know what to ask for. On the day it doesn’t matter what you are doing: you can be awake, busy or asleep.


Concern for others is natural. You can also put someone you know; a pet or animal; someone you don't know; or even someone dead into the purification space. It can be an unborn baby or young child; a teenager; an adult or someone in later years. If they need help, they will automatically purify. And don’t worry: if your request is misplaced, you will purify instead. You can tell someone you have asked for help for them or leave it if they are not open to it - in which case, you will need to do the aftercare for them. Focus on them lightly at the beginning of any group, purification track or salt bath.


Where you live, work or regularly go may need assistance. These places may have unwanted energies; be near water, a road or place of a accidents; a church, graveyard or battleground; or it may simply be place where you don’t feel comfortable, there are always arguments and people getting ill. Meanwhile if your business needs more clients; a better team environment; to generate more income; or be generally more successful, the Reboot group is also the purification space for you. Lastly, you may have a family estate or have just purchased some land. In all cases simply put the address in the Reboot group.



Afterwards: You may feel tired. Take a bath or foot soak in up to 500g of ethically sourced pink himalayan salt; nothing else. Allow plenty of time for rest / reflection and try to have an early night. To take your purification further, see my Aftercare and the Oracle blog.

The outcome is beyond my control: Your own self-healing capacity switches on and goes to your area of greatest need. This is governed by your source connection and is not always what you want or what you asked for … but is always exactly the right thing for you this moment. It will never be more than what you are ready for.

Sorry, I offer no personal advice or emotional support: You need to make your own decisions - that is the whole point - and there are many excellent healers, therapists and counsellors out there who can hold the space for you while you reconfigure on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

If you make a donation: There are no refunds. Please make sure you have read my Small print page before you join.

He got his job contract prolonged until March next year 🙌 Just wanted you to know, we are very glad 😊 😊
— A.S., September 2019
I would like to say how much I am benefitting from your weekly reboots. Subtle yet profound changes are happening. I can feel more and more of “me”, wholeness, connection with nature... It is fantastic! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— J.W., September 2019
My husband, signed up and things have massively shifted for him which is amazing for us all, particularly our kids as they have now met their grandfather that they hadn’t met before.
— M.D., September 2019
Some remarcable experience yesterday. My right arm, which had been overworked and was out of order and hurting, healed miraculesly during the afternoon when I took a salt bath.
— A.S., September 2019
Working with Jacqueline has been exacting and merciless and necessary. My life has transformed in ways that are indescribable but desirable. It has been with a lot of pain and immense disruption of the world I once knew. I now stand in the doorway of a world I don’t know and of one, I have no clear map to navigate in terms of the rules of engagement. However, it seems where I am meant to be. Everything in my life has been stripped away. All my sources of income, my ability to provide for my material world in the old ways. They are gone. Surgically extracted. In fact today, I must make a decision of house and home as my new resources have yet to be revealed. The Journey is officially upon me.
— M.S., September 2019
I’m amazed, I’m opening up in areas I’ve been shut down for years. It’s only been a week!
— O.H., September 2019
Wauw I felt amazing on the day of our session. It feels that these days way more source can stream through my being.
— R.vO., September 2019
(having observed several Faces I recognise at your groups over a few years now I can see a marked difference in appearance is nothing unusual) but I can even see in my face my eyes are returning to be more symmetrical after years. Since 2001 (or who knows before?) one of my eyes (I Can’t remember left or right?) looked noticeably different from the other.
— J.S., August 2019
I just wanted to share with you the great news that the squatters have been evicted and the house has been reboarded and secured :)
— J.M., August 2019
I am finding more and more peace and deeper connection and learning how to hold the space without attaching to whatever runs through it. This is wonderful. I can feel the negative issues concerning my father quickly fading away and the sadness linked to my mother gradually releasing as more trust fills the space. Things have sped up since and I’m so thankful for your support during that week.
— B.P., August 2019
Always amazing results appear when I ask you for help! Since I have asked you for help with this the most noisy people have not appeared at home for a whole week. The silence in the night was so relaxing!
— A.Z., July 2019
I felt SO much happier yesterday! The grief really has lifted... wow, what a wonderful relief. It seems to have gone, hooray, and I feel much more myself. Thank you!
— T.M., June 2019
It’s been a couple of months since I have joined a Deep Clean but A LOT has happened in that time. I have re-found an energy and lightness that I thought was gone after having children and have been able to profit from that by re-starting a more physical practice and moving our family to eat and consume more consciously. I have a radically different view of a lot of things and seem to have built a patience or faith, in both myself and certain situations which I have always lacked.
— M.D., May 2019
The work you have been doing over the last month with me has been truly amazing, things have turned round and are now so much more manageable. There was no way I could have achieved that unless I’d had your help. Things are better with my Mum .... wow that was a surprise and one I wasn’t expecting. Then my life at work improved massively and the weird dynamic of working with my ex partner and the girl he became obsessed with has also changed and improved. It’s like it doesn’t matter to me anymore in the same way it once did. I’m going to have to work with them both this year. This is now achievable. Again I never thought it would be possible, I couldn’t see a way to make it work.
— S.L., May 2019
Since I met you I had more work, started to feel more secure / confident in myself and that I actually can bring something useful into this world. Some treatments I gave, useful words came out of my mouth without thought,
i was very quiet still / inside, astoundedly / gratefully noticing the difference in my being. Truly new and amazing experiencing myself like that.
— A.S., May 2019
A huge and heartfelt thank you for all that you given me since I started working with you in February this year. My journey since has been quite phenomenal. The most significant feedback to share with you is how much I have slowed down, both in my day to day practical life but also within myself. There is a lightness and a contentedness that now fills my being for much of the time which is just lovely! I take time each day for stillness, to connect to Source (without thought or identity!) and am aligning myself more and more to a simple life honouring nature - and all its cycles and rhythms.
— K.M., April 2019
I felt more aligned with source, less fearful, more peaceful, from the moment I reached out!
— J.C., April 2019
You did a home clearing not long ago for us and we have played “Releasing the dead” and “Buildings and places” several times both here and at the yoga studio. People have commented that the yoga studio feels great. Our home also feels much better.
— A. & A.S., March 2019
I was tense about finance ... And then suddenly you popped into my mind and I felt a wave of calm as if to say - no more tension - all will be OK. You are free. Since then I have been relaxed.
— J.L., November 2018