Oracle Girl

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Public talks, group & personal purifications entirely by donation


public talks

receive your individual focus while hearing about a specialised topic

2 hour in-person event + Q&A

an individual focus for everyone in the audience

please note i receive a donation from any entry fee charged

join my public talks to hear my latest thoughts and reflections. at the beginning, i focus on each one of you individually, in silence, for about 30 seconds. my words then issue spontaneously according to those in front of me. personal issues may come up in yourself & others. simply hold the space as they pass. afterwards there will be a chance to ask me questions. my words will be specifically for you. if i do not answer, it is because i am working on you. this is often when profound shifts take place


next up

beyond breatharianism


£5 entry. doors open at 7:00pm

Town Hall, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9EL, UK

what is divine nutrition? what did jacqueline experience after going into the zero zone? in light of this, what really is breatharianism? in this talk, jacqueline will offer an individual focus to every member of the audience in addition to speaking in depth from her personal experience on this sensitive and much misunderstood topic