protection remote focus group

February 13, 2018

Dear all

I hope you enjoyed your session today. There was a lot to do! This is one of the most important groups I have offered and I am so glad that so many of you joined it. It is *extremely* important to follow my aftercare advice as a result of my focus on you today. You have each received a very thorough and deep purification in the areas particularly relevant to you. I say this every time but it is extremely easy to forget. Please go here and make sure you read the instructions carefully:

There are 2 main recordings all available in either m4a or mp3 formats. The first is 14 minutes and is the Protection Purification. It is for you to use yourselves regularly to take this session deeper if you wish. It is quick, easy and practical and it is very powerful this is good to use in meditation, while you are having a bath or before bed. It can be used for you, someone you know or someone you don’t. It can also be used for a house, business or land clearing:

The second is the feedback for today’s group. Forgive me, it is long. It is 2 hours. But contained in this recording is quite priceless information, practical pointers and insights for this group which will really demystify the following:

  • embodiment of your own source frequency at the higher levels
  • distinguishing between dark and light sources
  • understanding what psychic attack really is and what to do about it
  • when to repel and when to hold the space for unwanted energies
  • discerning spirits / entities / witchcraft frequencies / curse energy
  • how to spot alien signatures & what they are
  • practical steps of boundary/conflict management & speaking up
  • guiding sensitive children about energetic awareness, ghosts, spirits, etc
  • do's & don'ts around gurus, groups, ritual, spiritual paths & practices
  • the shadow side of sex magic, plant medicines & weed smoking
  • awareness of satanic, paedophile, blood & death signatures

Listen to it entirely above or in 30 min chunks below but do listen to it all. It will be worth it!

The links I refer to in this feedback are:

Jennifer Steel: The shadow side of plant medicine

Lisa Ceneri: High frequency poetry on the darkness in our world

Lastly for those of you with donations still outstanding or who have said they wished to supplement their donation afterwards please use the following link:

Much love. Thank you for joining the group and see you soon!

Love Jacqueline