Private session groups

If you choose to contact me, join me and/or donate, you agree to everything on the Small print page including:

  • You receive a 2hr group immersion with me including an individual focus alone.

  • Minimum of 48hrs’ cancellation notice required. I may ask for a donation if your space goes unfilled.

  • I offer purifications. I am not an energy healer, a therapist or a psychic.

  • Your actions, choices and decisions (or lack of them) are entirely your own responsibility.

  • Donations accepted on the day by card or by cash.

An individual focus alone with me - at the combined strength of the group.


  • You must arrive 15 mins before the group begins and cannot leave before the end of the 2 hours. 

  • Check the route and leave adequate time for your journey. Ring your host well beforehand if you need to enquire about car parking or have special needs.

  • On the day, hydrate well: up to 2 litres of hot or cold water - not juice or tea. Make sure you have your own water with you and you may want to bring a cushion.

  • During your private session I will invite you to return my gaze. If you prefer, wear glasses rather than contact lenses and take them off when I come to you.

  • Later you will likely feel very tired. Take a bath or foot soak in up to 500g of pink himalayan salt; nothing else.

  • Allow plenty of time for rest/reflection and try to have an early night.

I am so grateful to have found you. I felt more aligned with source, less fearful, more peaceful, from the moment I reached out!
— J.C., Feb 2019