Living in quadrality.

Your frequency determines what happens to you; nothing else. So you have to anchor your new high frequency and realign your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to match. Read the sections below and download this handy checklist of practical ways to clear and clean up your life.

Charge yourself & the Earth grid.

It's a cyclic process. The more you return to your direct relationship with the spark of infinity through your own source connection and the Earth grid, the more you will absorb pure love into your body system. This upgrades your biology, changing and embodying your new frequency. The frequency of the Earth changes and your capacity to carry the voltage of those Earth frequencies increases

  • Use the Reawaken series and Sundays@7 events daily for at least 20 minutes to fill with pure love.
  • Walk and sleep in nature regularly. Change your shoes for more earth contact: go barefoot as often as you can. 
  • Dance as you feel moved. The energies of the Earth immediately flow into you.
  • Drink out of your hand from the flowing water of clean streams and natural springs. Wash and bathe in oceans, seas, waterfalls and rivers. Wild water swimming is very good for you.
  • Get up with the first light and sleep early. Connect with the stars more: watch the night skies.

Say no.

Some say a small handful of criminal psychopaths who consider themselves above the law are advocating gene therapy and genocide in the name of climate change and pandemics as part of a hidden agenda. Whatever the truth of that, "no harm" is saying (and doing) "no": 

  • Safeguard human rights and freedom of speech at all costs.
  • Read the small print. Check you know exactly what you are agreeing to and what it means practically.
  • Think! If you support someone or something which does harm, it will end up negatively controlling and harming you and your children.
  • If you sacrifice or injure those who do the right thing for your own wellbeing - or turn a blind eye to those suffering injustice - you are supporting your own oppression.
  • Hold people accountable and demand respect. Refusal to comply ensures nothing which does harm can take over. Speak up. Silence is complicity.
  • Say no, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Open to the discomfort. Don't be nice. Just be firm, clear and tell someone what they practically need to do within a practical timeframe instead - with the outcome if they don't.
  • Notice the strengthening and revitalisation after you go through the fear of what might happen.

Emotional connection.

When you are on the same wavelength with someone, your heart apparatus and the gold frequency strengthens. Pure love flows in. More solutions can come. You stay in your body, ground and anxiety dissipates. Your natural intelligence exponentially surges and your self healing ability increases.

  • Smile. Look people in the eyes. Stop and take in the whole person at the start and sense where they're at. Genuinely ask them how they are. Share your successes and point out good things about others. Be honest if things are not so good but don't dwell on it. Be quiet and just listen if you have nothing to say.
  • Meet regularly with friends and those you love and / or who are on the same page with you, both physically and digitally, to strengthen your own embodiment.
  • Body intelligence is vastly superior to the intellect and working it out. Engage in physical presence and touch as much as you can and you will instantly share information, update and learn from others without even having to use words.
  • Keep people who are important updated. Tell them what you are doing. Honour the bond of affection. Check in with those who are involved or will be affected before doing something big. Your actions must align with those in integrity who you are co-operating with.
  • Communicate clearly, matching what you say with the timing, place, needs, character and 'live feeling' of the person on the other end. Decide on your tone of voice. Show vulnerability.
  • Use your body and emotions to decode your needs, work out how to fulfill them yourself, then share how you are feeling. Tell people how they can best assist you. Because you're automatically purifying, you can use and learn from these to decide what you need and share the way you feel.
  • Listen and acknowledge someone's feelings, especially when they're angry. This is so there is trust and everyone stays in the body. It doesn't mean you agree with them, just that you care and they matter. Apologise and admit your mistakes when you're wrong.


There is always more power in the group, if the group is healthy. You don’t have to do it all yourself. You know you have the right group when there is care for you as an individual and you can always retain your personal sovereignty.

  • First impressions count. What is their vibration like? Are they looking after themselves? Look at who is telling you to do something, not at what they are saying. Decide who you can trust with what: who to tell and associate with - and who not to.
  • Decide, clearly voice and if necessary, record, what you want at the beginning. Take time to investigate this, before working with others. Don’t leave it to the process further down the line to find out - then have to withdraw or disconnect. Always act from the firm foundation of what you have and what you know, not what you don't.
  • Keep strong boundaries. Stay in healthy control of your own time, space and personal affairs.
  • Empower rather than help. Model and encourage - but don’t do it for them. Draw the line quickly if someone starts using you to work out their issues.
  • No consensus? Don’t wait or try to change people. Simply move on and find more of your own tribe.

Body connection.

Beauty, rest, fragrance, art, music, exercise and what you enjoy are the keys to your ability to live, breathe and succeed. They are not luxury add-ons. They open the heartdoor and exponentially increase the flow of purity upgrading and shaping your biology.

  • Allow your body to reconstitute itself from its own personal instructions by properly shutting down and waking up naturally. Take time alone in silence.
  • Stimulate your senses, especially your sense of smell, which earths higher awareness.
  • Raise the bar and bring back perfection in your life anywhere this makes you happy.
  • Move and enjoy your body and the pleasure of being alive through music, art, creativity, intimacy, sports, physical techniques, and massage.
  • Use bodywork, exercise,and alkalising & cleansing in the way that works for you to support detox and reset your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers.
  • Minimise use of devices and reduce screen time as far as you possibly can.
  • Never put anything into your body which will impair its function or modify your genetic material.

Nature first.

No nature; no humans. Don't support what does harm. If you forward yourself and your own life on the back of the exploitation of Earth's resources, your ability to live directly out of your own source connection and embody purity diminishes.

  • Gradually reduce your support for whoever and whatever destroys natural habitats.
  • Minimise the use of pollutants and non-recyclables. Reuse and conserve.
  • Get involved with your local community and protect your local natural environment.

Personal sovereignty, autonomy & money.

You can avoid unnecessary suffering by progressively extricating yourself from the systems, supplies and products of criminal and corrupt actors and reducing your dependency on non-trusted external sources. Do as much as you can and make changes incrementally within the context of your situation. Something is better than nothing. One step leads to another.

  • Did you know? You can claim your own name and take it back from the system.
  • Prioritise and do more of the things which do not require money. Work out ways to furnish your basic needs closer to home and through sharing and cooperation rather than buying those things.
  • Identify and reduce dependency. Use cash more. If you can, grow more of your own food. Drop what doesn't support you and promote your freedom and autonomy.

Clean up your life.

Time to make your mark. Take healthy control, responsibility and commit to what is right. 

  • Change what you don't like about your life. Take an inventory. What do you keep on doing that you don't want to? Everyone can have the life they want - there are no exceptions. Put it in your Specific focus then find another way. Ask questions. Research. Communicate. Think out the practical options.
  • Spot your stories and where you are perpetually repeating yourself. Stop blaming others and stop blaming yourself. Ask yourself what's in it for you. Look at where the unhealthy behaviours are and address them.
  • Face your fear. This is where you are being controlled. Take concrete steps to release any thing or one who has a hold over you. Work out what needs to happen to ensure you don't re-experience negative, destructive or dependency-type situations.
  • Drop who and what doesn't promote your freedom and autonomy. Challenge those who betray, don't support or undermine you. Ask them to change or leave. Watch for subtle digs and throwaway comments. Bring them out in the open. 
  • Part ways with those who don't deliver, don't do what they say, take no responsibility and show no concern about it or blame you if you raise the matter.
  • Communicate directly with the person concerned if you have a problem. Tell them what you need them to do and hold them to your request.
  • Are you addicted? If you are, admit it. Go and get professional help and ask for others’ support. 

Emotional control.

Emotional control is essential in quadrality. Not negative control in the form of self censoring where there is suppression or the equally destructive act of unleashing it on someone else. But choosing what to keep and what to let go of from the old you which is currently dying ... so you do not project on to others a hidden part of yourself which was previously holding you back.

  • When you have strong emotion, on a scale of 1 to 10 how easy do you find it to steer through that in detachment or wait until you have cooled down before responding? Note the number you honestly give yourself. Then improve it by starting to change your number from this point onwards.
  • If you've so much inside you can't express yourself, see someone to talk things through and put it all in perspective. Work out issues away from work colleagues, friends and family. Take time to reflect on what you want and maybe see a therapist or counsellor.

Making decisions & advice.

The universe never tells us what to do because we are free. It is your job to choose and make your decisions. It’s not about being told the answer by somebody else. You have to discover what you want. 

  • Act from the firm foundation of what you have and what you know, rather than what you don't. It is better to try on your own, than relying on someone else’s experiences which are never yours. You will always learn from what happens and can course-correct any time. There's just better choices. 
  • You know you’ve found the answer when you have no doubt. If you’re mentally trying to work it out or wondering if you’ve found the answer, this is a sign you’re still not certain and that maybe it's not time to act yet. 
  • Sometimes we don’t know what to do. If there is no time limit or urgency we can wait; meditate on it; get more information; or seek the help of a qualified professional. Often a pathway opens up or something happens which helps us to choose. And, if we still don't know or nothing happens, it's not the time to make a decision.
  • If there is a time limit, make the very best decision you can that moment and then revise later. You can use the databank of your previous experience combined with a very solid and practical ‘working out’ of whatever will not seriously compromise you, emotionally and financially.
  • Know what you feel however incomplete that may be. It's fine to tell others what to do. They don't have to listen. It's also fine for others to tell you what to do. Advice is just others' past experiences. It is only useful where it brings you back to yourself and helps you to find "you".
  • When others insist they are right, they may well be right, but you have to know it yourself. A healthy person will always state what they know, with no strings attached. They will give you the space to go through your own process and simply leave you to decide for yourself.

Time-space mastery.

Being on time, keeping your word, meeting deadlines and making sure you define, monitor and redefine agreements so your words and actions match is essential for being able to materialise your own purity. It is quite literally the control you have over reality and demonstrates the extent of your purification.

  • Be vigilant. Train yourself. Watch out at all times for the very subtle feelings you usually miss, override or dismiss and put them in the centre. Amplify and act on them as your priority. 
  • Start with the overview. Register your space in conjunction with all of your deadlines. Attend to these first however much you don’t like doing them.
  • Plan your space and time, taking into account your obligations, and set a deadline by which you want something done. Then work with both the structure and natural unfolding which follows. Avoid just “going with your feelings” or only using your mind.
  • Prevaricating? Don't let anything control you. Work out why and make yourself look at the issue as your priority or cut out the dead wood and drop it.
  • Always be on time and build in a contingency. If you can't make a meeting or meet certain requirements, update those you have committed so what you do is always you say.