You are a force of love.

Apr 28, 2019

Restore the freedom of your own being, materialising yourself as pure love itself in which all suffering can collapse and finally disappear. Revel in the timelessness and endlessness of your own reality. Reconcile and transmute all forces which attempt to control you, in the solution that is pure love itself. Have courage and remember that Earth is becoming a planet of love. From the April 2019 Silent immersion retreat on thought, pain and time in Visoko, Bosnia.

Love is the origin of creation and everything in the end returns to love. For we as human beings are love incarnate, even though it does not always feel this way. In some ways we can say that this, all of the reality that we experience, is nothing but a heart space. Everything rises and falls within it, including the phenomenon of identity.

This itself is freedom, the freedom which has never known bondage, pain, oppression, disease or suffering of any type. Embracing and reconciling all opposites, you continually meet yourself in the eyes of another.

But most of all, it is only from the setting of this love itself that all problems and grave challenges are resolved. It is the promise to each one of us that the time when humanity has lost its way and descended into madness will end and the truth of all existence will be found again. This is because there is nothing which cannot be done and you as a sole human being have been given the power through your individual choice and agency to reverse absolutely anything.

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Event: Silent immersion retreats; Special events.

Theme: Silent immersion retreats; Special events; Crisis, pain & challenge; For these times; Peace, joy & silence.

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