Why there is no healing 3.

Oct 29, 2022

Align with nature's principle that everything is freely given. Act from the place where you understand the relationship between money, fear and purification. Act out of the full frequency context of money and what it truly is, could and should be. Adopt the habit of checking in with your body first in relation to all your financial dealings. Bring this into your own working life and how you charge people for your skills and time. Think deeply about the mismatch and identify what you need to do.

Everything is freely given. Absolutely everything. That can be hard to get your head round when it seems so obvious that you have to work to earn things and that if you don't have the money you can't have something. Here you see how the world of the slave self superimposed over purity and source connection fundamentally distorts us.

All that we experience, naturally and spontaneously arrives however hard we try to make it happen - or not. (*Really?!?* ... yes). Then we begin to wonder: "Well, why the hell do I worry so much then? How do I avoid the fear of not having what I need and where does my own volition fit in?" They are all one and the same. The reason we do not heal at the deepest level is that we cannot align with the frequency where all this fits together.

Nature decides what happens. In purity, we move with its momentum, and we change our behaviours to fit ever more seamlessly with that spontaneity, doing no harm. Then, when joy and desire leaps, we answer only to this and the fulfilment of our choice automatically occurs. Money is the last step in this process where we choose if, how, where and how much to give according to the context of the situation - according to what feels right in our body as informed by purity itself. The universe then immediately moves to fill the empty space so there is never lack. And, we may still have fear about money. This is because at the deepest level money and fear are the same vibration. When we use money correctly we are always purifying fear. In fact the more we use money in alignment with purity, the more of a certain type of fear we will experience - as well as the ability to do things of course. The 2 go hand-in-hand. Money was introduced. There was an agenda implicit in it from the beginning. It was not conceived at a neutral setting. But it can be brought back into the way of nature.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Abundance, money & business; For these times; Personal sovereignty.

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