What are you worth?

Mar 18, 2023

Return to using money in line with nature's principles. Jettison false values tied to identity and commodity which do not honour nature's principles and the bond of affection. Work in humility, treat people with the respect they deserve and always keep agreements. Put people first and dissolve any frequencies in your life which overcharge, demand, or extort worth, not recognising the worth of others.

Money is becoming an ever more emotional issue. Everyone wants to be recognised. How to do this fairly when working in such a challenging and expensive world right now? We all know that the economic system is never a measure of our worth since we are infinite beings. But there are certain personal and financial realities we must all take into consideration when dealing with the world of exchange, payment, gift and money.

Nature constantly gives and everything in the natural world receives exactly what it needs. This is an ever-changing dynamic where giving and receiving is inbuilt because it is aligned with nature's principles. Here, value and worth is never asserted in the sense of a predetermined 'amount' being due. The very precious thing is that there is no pre-condition and abundance is always guaranteed.

Humans are designed this way too. However, they have accepted a second system which involves measuring value and worth, often against time. This sees a financial amount is tied to a particular identity, service and commodity - given to represent 'exchange'. This is not necessarily incompatible with nature's principles: it depends on the people involved. The problem comes when financial ambition take precedence; high price tags become confused with perpetuating abusive systems; and nature's principles are totally forgotten. Money then becomes the sole definition of one's worth ... extracted by condition ... with nature and purity relegated to an inconvenient, exotic afterthought.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Abundance, money & business.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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