We are joined.

Apr 10, 2021

Delete negative consciousness on this planet through the materialisation of pure love. Harness the 6th element through the gold frequency and the water in your body … and reorganise reality.

We are joined and share in love. The pure love of this universe, our creative force, comes into materialisation when we surrender to Mother Earth. We have everything we need already in huge abundance. Food, water, air and earth. All we need to do is put down everything, which denies this. We can transmute anything born of pain and fear. We can even change the course of history, which we must do. All that is required is the sincere wish to return yourself to nature's principles - and this will take place via the water in your body. Water reorganises reality and changes the frequency of every being on this planet regardless of their vibration. The gold frequency resides in water and you, as pure love, delete the negative consciousness of this planet. Just as the sun captured in light shines as rainbows in the reflection of your being, you are the waters of existence itself, which always run pure.

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Event: April 2021 Silent immersion retreat; Silent immersion retreats; Special events.

Theme: April 2021 Silent immersion retreat; Silent immersion retreats; Special events; Community & togetherness; Gold frequency.

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