Voices in your head.

Aug 14, 2021

Incinerate the image behind the thoughts, intrusions, disturbances and any voices in your head. Use your own internal mirror to safely expose what is possessing or controlling you. Release the grip of fear-based states preventing you from making clear well-balanced decisions. Take healthy control of your own reality and use your power to ground more deeply and reset the electromagnetic root of your personal field.

There is always an image behind any thought that arises in your mind. And you are a phase conjugate mirror capable of capturing that image: a series of lenses, which are able to either focus light into a single point, forming an image, or able to receive an image, bring it into awareness. You even have the capacity to reflect the light of that image back into its own source and “undo” it. This is the meaning of purification.

With the prevalence of the death space now in our own reality, more unwanted influences can increasingly infiltrate and distort our personal field. Fear and thought burrow in, creating frequency vulnerability, and we become ripe for illness and imbalance. This is because an image can be planted within you, which gives rise to any single thought or negative emotion occupying you. Or previous images lying dormant can now begin to activate. From there these may grow unchecked and take over the whole nature of your experience.

But we can use the mirror of our being to capture the sight of that image and expose it. Looking within, not at thoughts, but at what gives rise to them in the first place, we gain sight of the image, “frame it” and then it burns up in our purity.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Clearing & protection; Core issues; Proper use of the mind.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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