Tyranny & conceit.

Sep 4, 2021

Powerfully expose all tyranny and conceit in your own life. Burn up the influence behind the slave self. Reveal and see the slave self when it comes up. Expand even further, instead of interfering with and slowing down, the course of its own self destruction. Stand back from the slave self which itself will engage in judging and blaming. Disentangle also from the slave self which loves analysis, solutions and the path of recrimination.

It is easy to look at the tyranny and phenomenal conceit of our governments and even the mechanism of the slave self - but this is missing the point. Sponsoring both is an impulse, which once unveiled and exposed simply has no power. We can then make a decision about it.

Too often we are looking for reasons and who to blame. The next moment, togetherness disappears and fighting is the result. Understanding why something is happening and how it comes about may even sometimes be helpful. But it doesn't change things. It is retaining the frequency of non-entanglement and recognition - without accepting or rejecting - which is key. That non-entanglement, which only comes at a certain frequency, is what separates us from the influence behind any image and ensures we are no longer controlled by it.

The nature of what is hidden is that the moment it is exposed in purity without patterns, it begins to self destruct. Pure love is lethal. Nothing can survive in its intensity. And the nature of the frequency of these times is that absolutely everything which is hidden within and without will be exposed by our purity as it increasingly emerges for us to put our sights on. That is the nature of who we are. The slave self is an experiment. We can choose to let it self destruct, however painful or uncomfortable, and take itself out of our own equation.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Core issues; Global issues.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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