Track of the month 3.

Nov 23, 2021

Purify a key frequency distortion holding you back: Interdimensional beings. Live your highest potential; realign your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; and develop deeper understanding.

Interdimensional beings can roughly be divided between those which bombard our mind and our internal non-physical layers ... and those which have now fully entered our physical reality and arrived here either as physical visitors or have entered as spliced genetic variants known as the human hybrid. This will include the category called "negative high frequency beings" which are characterised by the propensity towards living unseen, particularly underground, and finding it physically difficult to function above surface.

Some varieties of interdimensional being which have now entered our physical reality employ advanced technologies to invade and break down our minds so we can be programmed and controlled. Our young people are exceptionally vulnerable to this because their bodies are less dense. There are even deliberate attempts to wilfully introduce suicidal ideation and the urge to kill in the young - using field intensity directed energy weapons - well beyond the scope of the usual range of video games, TV and online content.

Originally interdimensional beings took a hold through our thinking and the encouragement to obey heavier emotions and negative excitement landing in our personal field as a result of their infiltration. This is the first historical layer of their arrival on Earth, which always involved the opening of a space, vacated by ourselves, for something else to take up residence. Sacrifice and parasitism are the hallmarks. More recently there is a much more entrenched physical presence which now wishes to fully take over the planet. However pure love can easily neutralise this frequency - and anything unlike itself. And by looking more deeply at this topic we can come to realise that the hijacked aspect of nature's materiality can be purified, with the return of even more pure love embodiment in this reality. Meanwhile our connection with Earth and our bodies will vehemently strengthen - while what does not belong here will rematerialise only in its own pathway quite separate from this planet.

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Event: Track of the month.

Theme: Track of the month; Global issues; Proper use of the mind; Rejuvenate; Spiritual deprogramming.

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