Track of the month 2.

Sep 9, 2021

Purify a key frequency distortion holding you back: Victimhood & violation. Live your highest potential; realign your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; and develop deeper understanding.

The negative implications of collaborating with certain things, agencies and institutions these days are hard to ignore. Perhaps it was once not so visible but we now know for sure that what we allow, defines us, and can even negatively control us. What we accept into our reality also means accepting whatever force, source, agency or value system is behind it. The 2 cannot be divorced. Today most of us know we are still accepting and using systems and ways of being offered by harm-based institutions because we simply have to live. But even deeper than this, we are subject to a particular setting, inherited from our ancestors, before we even make a choice over what we will or not use and accept in our lives. Most do not even think of their lives this way. Your present existence starts out at a specific frequency determined by particularly (but not only) your father who may have been forced to perpetuate harm-based systems in order to survive in society. Simply put, given the state of our global societies and who and what is behind them - plus our own choices and actions which still to a large extent perpetuate them - we all function to a large degree at the frequency of victimhood and violation.

However ... we always have the purity aspect of our source connection and the ability to make a choice about who and what we ourselves collaborate with. Here 2 dynamics play out. Firstly, if we answer to our own source connection, even what violates slowly purifies, however much damage has been done. This is great news. If our frequency is truly at the new high frequency, our engagement (rather than our rejection) of what does harm, will at this level inevitably accelerate its transmutation. We will also transmute the setting of our current existence which our ancestors are a part of. This transforms not only our family line, current and past relationships but the revives the very bonds of affection with ourselves and others on which healthy society thrives.

Secondly, there is a specific context of historical time within which particular situations are being presented to us within for making choices about and decisions. Right now, we live in a new time where nature's world order is taking over which has very different values to the current system. At this critical point, we must therefore constantly reassess our participation with something or someone in terms of the current balance of positive and negative forces in our world societies and what our body signalling tells us about how appropriate that engagement is. We will then powerfully recalibrate our existence according to whether the ability to choose and whether the answering to the purity of our own source connection increases or diminishes. We will also decide by looking at not only "what" we have (maybe unwittingly) accepted but also "who" comes with it in the same package. As beings of love, we will reinstate and rebuild our world at a higher frequency. And we will powerfully reverse the more invisible factors behind dependency, addiction, abuse and exploitation - while strengthening and supporting those who always choose to live only out of their own source connection.

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Event: Special events; Track of the month.

Theme: Abuse, addiction & dependency; Core issues.

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