The way of purity 2.

Jan 11, 2023

Finally throw away the image of purity. Navigate being and doing the opposite of what you believe in while still staying true to yourself. Uproot self doubt and moral models of self punishment and judgment based on fixed conceptions of truth. Reinvent situations and relationships where everything seems beyond hope and totally lost.

Nature always has the final say. When we come across something or someone we must deal with, where there quite literally is no one in, we can find ourselves, despite knowing it is completely useless to get involved, even more deeply pulled into everything we don't subscribe to. We forget that all, without exception, is the purification. Almost unbelievably we find ourselves doing everything we said we never would. We can come to a point of near insanity where we fear we may lose ourselves entirely.

Not so. Just at the moment when a fixed image of ourselves, however perfect and well functioning, is about to break or be erased, we find ourselves face-to-face, eyeballing up close, someone or something utterly consumed by what we know we aren't. As we persist in holding on to that, them, or us, in order to stick to what we presume is purity, we fall headlong with all our false notions straight into the fire of freedom.

Even the strongest states of accurate discernment and truthful emotions - positive or negative - are a block if we persist in holding on to them for others or ourselves. Purity has no image. At the very last moment, the intense pressure and unknownness forcing our false identity into transmutation makes us throw away every single conception of what we think is right, including purity itself. At these moments we will question a lifetime of work, all the things and people we thought were correct, and abandon all our principles. This is not a final revealing of our lack of integrity, a fall from grace or a moral condemnation. It is the way of nature finally emerging as our own selves.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups; Abundance, money & business; Crisis, pain & challenge; Higher levels.

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